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The Ten Best in This Week: July 25, 2010 Edition

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1 ) As a real professional do you see Real estate television shows as friend or foe? This post makes a good case why they can be your friend. I see them as a mixed bag.

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2 ) 2010 Inman connect just wrapped up and a good number of people from were in attendance. Check out this wrap-up for videos, pictures and more.

3 ) When you invest do you treat appreciation as a right or a luxury. Real Estate Investors Can and Do Quadruple Their Money With NO Appreciation shows you that a property can be a good investment even if it sees no appreciation over the long run.

4 ) So what does Rob Hahn think are the Three Most Important Tools For Bloggers? There is no WordPress or IDX on this list. This list is about making sure your content is good content.

5 ) Here are some Savvy Responses to Lowball Offers that could save your deal.

6 ) How effective is print advertising? Try this on for size; more people found their home from a yard sign than print advertising according to one recent report.

7 ) What Don Mattingly Taught Us About Real Estate This Week takes a recent baseball situation and ties it in to why buyers really should have representation.

8 ) If you are looking to get into a home with little money down, one program out there right now that is working for buyers is HomePath. This program gives you a way to Buy a House with Low Down, No PMI, No Appraisal.

9 ) When you talk about RE.Net it is hard not to credit Joe Ferrara for what he has done for the community. Many of you have probably read about how Joe needs help. Here is a video tribute to Joe done from those people at Inman.

10 ) No Flyers In The Flyer Box is our purely entertaining post of the week this week from Darin Persinger. As I told Darin, it is a good thing he has a very successful real estate coaching business.

    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied over 9 years ago
    It looks like I made one of the photos from the Inman post in #2 above, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to send my love to Joe Ferrara in the video tribute in #9 above. Nice compilation as always, Dean.
    Tim Makelaar
    Replied over 9 years ago
    I’m a real estate agent too, and I liked point 6, just wondering how effective print advertising is against internet advertising?