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The Ten Best in This Week: August 14, 2010 Edition

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1 ) CNBC did another piece on the “shadow” inventory and how these properties may effect home prices. Remember though, all real estate is local. While Maryland, where this post was written, may not have enough buyers, some areas of the country have so many buyers they are snatching up the inventory as soon as it is released.

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2 ) There are almost as many real estate statistics as there are baseball stats. Some are good, some are useless. Mike Rohrig makes the case that Days On Market may be one of those useless statistics.

3 ) Google is so much more than a search engine these days. Sure they still dominate that market, but here are 9 Intelligent Ways Every REALTOR Should be Using Google, which has some great advice and I can assure you that almost no agent is using all 9 ideas.

4 ) Without a doubt, Bank of America has made the most progress in the last three months when it comes to short sales. They are now probably one of my favorite banks to work with. But if this is true, then they will become everyone’s favorite: Bank of America Short Sales New Program To Get Done Faster – Less Paperwork??

5 ) Another week, another government program to help help homeowners is introduced. HUD Short REFI-Will it Help NOVA Homeowners? I give it as much chance as HAMP and HAFA.

6 ) Should Realtors Disclose if They Haven’t Represented a Short Sale? That is an interesting question. Jim makes a great case in this post that they should, and that it is their responsibility.

7 ) Do real estate brands matter? This post makes a case for why Why Real Estate Brands Don’t Matter. I personally went from a large brand (with a balloon) to a local mom and pop shop with 20 agents and my listing business has gone through the roof. So I have to agree with the piece.

8 ) Some people love Twitter, some love Facebook and a few love both. But what is better for business?

9 ) If you are having a hard time selling your house, which is better: Price or Bonus?

10 ) The people have spoken. People’s Choice Best Real Estate Blog Contest Winners.