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Real Estate Marketing: Consistency is the Secret – Don’t Give Up!

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The key to getting real estate deals is consistent marketing.  You would be amazed at how many investors know this , but don’t put this into practice like they should.

We know for a fact that if we can get 100 incoming leads (whether online, from phone calls, referrals, etc.) then there will be at least 1 great deal from those (usually 1-3).  It’s guaranteed.  All we have to do is do our part and get the 100 potential deals to look at.

Easier said than done.

It’s frustrating to spend time gathering information on 40 deals just to find out that you’ve got nothing.  But stay the course.  It may be number 41 that is going to yield you a nice profit.

I’ll give you 2 quick examples of these in my personal investing business:

  • First, we recently closed a deal where we wholesaled a probate deal.  After spending close to $700 on marketing, I was beginning to get frustrated.  I was just about to give up when out popped an easy wholesale and a profit of $6,384.

  • Second, I consistently do Craigslist marketing.  It’s free and I feel a good way to market.  Although, a lot of the ads that I post get lost in the shuffle, I have added approximately 60 potential investors to my buyers list using advertising on Craigslist.  Well, I sold a property out of the blue to a guy that was on my email list from Craigslist.  I had no idea who he was (still don’t!).  I met him at a local Waffle House, signed a contract on the hood of my car, and we made a quick $2,262.50 (not a huge hit, but the easiest deal I’ve done) – I have not spoken to this buyer since, but I’m sure he will contact me when ready for the next deal!

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So don’t get discouraged.  It’s easy to get down when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Trust The System.

Know that it works.  If you do this consistently, everything will work out accordingly.

Does anyone else have an example where you thought you were wheel spinning but in the end had triumph?

I am a Real Estate Investor and REO Agent focused on Wholesaling, Rehabbing, and Selling Foreclosed Homes on the Gulf Coast. I also like the occasional Bungee Jump, Skydive, and World Travel -- time permitting.