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5 Best Areas to Add HUGE Value on your Flips

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When it comes to flips, the uglier the property you find, the better the chances are you’ll make some money.  Ugly houses not only scare off competition but the upside potential is typically better.  Rehabbers are problem solvers — ugly becomes attractive, unlivable becomes desirable and repairs result in added value. 

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There are 5 areas that you must focus on when doing rehabs:

  1. Curb appeal – First impression is extremely important.  Potential buyers must be wowed from the curb, with an inviting property that gets buyers inside.  Fresh paint, landscaping and some good contrast with your trim can drastically improve curb appeal at minimal cost.
  2. Kitchens – Kitchens sell houses, plain and simple.  Functionality with some pop can be achieved without going overboard.  Kitchens are the one place where you can add the most value in a home; don’t hesitate to look for energy saving appliances.
  3. Bathrooms – Significant value can be added in the bathrooms.  Adding a new bathroom or converting a half bath to a full bath is one of the best value added decisions.  It is still not necessary to go overboard as the increased value can be added at a reasonable expense.  Also, don’t hesitate to put in water saving toilets.
  4. Go Green – Applying some green upgrades definitely commands a premium in your sales price.  Appliances, toilets, heating/cooling, energy saving components, green paint — many of these items do not add much expense, but can result in increased profits
  5. Unique Selling Points – Some houses have unique features such as views, access to water (lakes, ocean, etc.), decks, 5 car garages, huge lots, and so on. Often times these selling points can be emphasized with minor changes to increase value and desirability.

Focus on these five areas to make smart value added decisions on your rehab flips. One final thing to mention, make sure to resolve any inspection issues that will come up and any preventative measures for future potential maintenance. Best of luck in your future success!

    Eddie Mendez
    Replied over 9 years ago
    There’s nothing on this post, but absolutely great values and tips. I remembered my first job doing landscaping, I was so nervous because the patio was so dirty and ugly. After finishing the work, i was so impressed with the kind of money i have received from the owner of that house. Since then, i realized that ugly houses have some potentiality to make bunch. After reading this post, you give me more reasons to target that niche. LOL Thanks Ryan!
    Ryan Moeller
    Replied over 9 years ago
    Thanks Eddie, I’m glad you enjoyed the article, I hope it helps!