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We Buy Mobile Homes: Alternative Advertising for Mobile Home Investors

John Fedro
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We Buy Mobile Homes: Alternative Advertising for Mobile Home Investors

My goal as a real estate investor is to make purchase offers to every mobile home seller I can; let them know how I can help and hopefully make a winning deal to purchase a good property at a great deal.  Most of the time this advertising does not involve anything fancy: just good old fashion time and work to get your name known in your farm area.

There are however, some really cool tricks to help attract mobile home sellers before there’s even a sign in the window.  One of these ways is by advertising that “We Buy Junk”.

Step 1: Advertise in a variety of ways that you purchase peoples’ unwanted junk, including posting in the newspapers, local penny savers, bandit signs, mobile home park bulletin boards, hang flyers, etc.

Step 2: When people call to sell their unwanted junk they will typically be in need of making some extra money.  A portion of these sellers will even be interested in hearing that you also purchase homes.

Here’s the Trick: You do not ever have to purchase any of the junk offered to you.  I use this technique often (mostly targeting mobile home owners) and have only purchased one piece of “junk”;  however, I have been able to purchase 3 mobile homes and 1 block home to date using this marketing method.

You never have to purchase any junk if nothing catches your eye.  The point of this marketing is to attract real estate owners that may consider selling their property; if not now then in the near future.  Now that you are at the owner’s home you have flown in under the “investor radar” and can offer your real estate expert services to help solve their root problem, their unwanted property that is causing their financial crisis.

Step 3: Typically I like to have the junk peddler tell me over the phone what type of “junk” he or she has for selling.  Most times simply asking a caller why they are selling these items will uncover their reasons.  Listen closely . . . “Did you say to pay your mortgage?” I then either inquire about the possible sale of their property or state that we are only collecting “Civil War memorabilia” or something similar at this time.

— John

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