How to Research Local Crime Statistics for FREE Before you Purchase that Property

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You find a perfect property to purchase. All the numbers are right. You have everything in place yet you have this sinking feeling that this might not be a great area to invest in. If only there was a way you could get the history of the crimes that have been committed in the area.

Well, the only way that you were able to find out this information in the past was to go to the local police department and ask for local crime stats. To this day I do not know of anyone who has ever gone to the police department to research the criminal activity in an area for a giving period of time. It’s just a hassle to go get this info.

I came across a couple of  websites sometime ago:

They’re great websites that lets you see everything that has been going in a particular area within a certain time period. If you know how to use Google maps then you can use these sites and they’re free. Some individual departments have their crime reporting on their own websites like the LAPD but it’s nice to have all the info right at your fingertips in one location.

Find out what’s been going on in your block while you sleep or see what has been going on in your entire city.

Go on there and see if your city is reporting. If not you just have to wait and just lock your door, lol.

Good luck in all you do America. I welcome your comments.

Note From the Editor: You can also petition your local departments to participate on such sites for the benefit of the community . . . something to think about.

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    • Jim, Thanks for commenting. Yes you are right. A little research can go a long way. It also helps to research the crime that has occurred at the exact house you are purchasing. Sometimes questionable characters like to come and visit their old stomping grounds.

  1. It is interesting to me that more people dont look this up when they move. Some agents are afraid to provide the information since they don’t want to violate the fair and equal housing laws. I also think that some MLSes prevent people from adding this information to their listings map or their website.

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  2. Ann Bell

    I did just that, went to local police dept and asked for crime stats before I bought a house. I had to provide a few street names in the neighborhood I was shopping in, I was considering three houses in different neighborhoods. I provided the main street names in the hoods and for a certain period of time, last 2 years…they provided me with a printout of how many call-outs, police emergency, fire, and EMS. So it gave me a pretty revealing synopsis of which neighborhoods were too busy for my tastes.

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