Web Based Bandit Sign Techniques?

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I’ve never used bandit signs, but can see how guerrilla drenching a geographical area with a “we buy homes” must be a really effective technique. After all, it’s just a numbers game and, eventually pretty much anyone who wants to buy or sell a property in your area is going to have to leave the house and notice one of your signs at a busy intersection.

And of course, these busy intersections also exist online, so it makes sense that the “we’ll pay cash in 30” message would pull online too right..

Is anyone out there employing Web Based Bandit signs in a really comprehensive way?

I have noticed the occasional real estate bandit twitter follower-bot hooking up with one of my own automated lead generation twitter accounts. But I still wonder, are there any real estate investors out there systematically going the whole way with an internet based bandit approach. If so, what’s included in the approach… what’s the ideal system?

Potential Web Based Bandit Sign Locations

If you put your bandit number (or a link to a squeeze page) in all or most of these places, could you see generating some quick additional lead flow?

  • Email Signatures – Not just yours. See if your spouse, friends, etc would be willing to help your cause. (Maybe give them each unique numbers to use and track/compensate accordingly?)
  • Targeted Google Adwords & Bing Ads – For cost/efficiency’s sake, focus on long tail search terms like “sell my home fast in (insertcityhere)”
  • Facebook Ads – Want instant gratification? Talk about a “high traffic” intersection! – Run your geodemographically targeted ads in the sidebars of all Facebook users in your area.
  • Bandit Commenting – Subscribe to 20-50 Local Blogs. Drop relevant comments, always link to your Bandit Squeeze page (or twitter account.)
  • Automated Twitter Accounts – Use apps like Tweetspinner and Social Oomph to create twitter accounts with locally focused usernames (@yourcityquicksell), then set them on autopilot, interacting with local twitterers, exposing them to your lead capture numbers and squeeze pages.
  • BlogAds – Pay local bloggers to include your bandit numbers in their sidebars. A few hundred bucks could go a pretty long way here.
  • Real Estate Agent Sites! – Progressive agents would probably be happy to allow you to advertise on their sites, perhaps in return for an occasional article from you, or maybe a crack at the sellers you can’t do a deal with.

So, there’s a few. Anyone out there have any more interesting web based bandit location ideas to share?


Here below’s a snapshot of a bandit twitter account I just set up. Next week, I’ll talk a little more about how this account will be “automated” to spread a bandit message 24/7….

Bandit Twitter Account

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  1. While I certainly agree that placing a 100 bandit signs in a small area is spammy, I must say that this too seems a little spammy regardless if it’s just a numbers game.

    I’d much rather build lasting relationships offline then to spend a lot of late nights putting together spammy internet campaigns. While I believe those methods you discussed are effective, I don’t agree with the use of those methods. I’d much rather have a legitimate site that addresses sellers with actual content that is helpful and drive all the traffic to there instead of a crappy squeeze page.

    I could be wrong though.

  2. Nick,

    I think you’re mostly right, except the whole point of this is bandit spammy from the get go ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I can defend the strategy, it’s a lot more eco friendly and likely cheaper both in terms of time and financial investment than traditional banditry.

    Plus, I’m not sure developing long lasting social relationships with distressed home sellers all that productive?

    • I see your point and I certainly don’t disagree.

      What I was referring to as far as building relationships would be towards those that can bring me deals and this would include sellers but I certainly would approach that differently as I wouldn’t be inviting them to a dinner or my home of course but they can certainly be a great referral source.

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