Superbowl Commercials 2010 | Why You Should Take Notes

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Superbowl Commercials are the probably the most watched commercials year round.

Superbowl Sunday is the day people can’t help be excited about: from the fans, to the players, to the coaches, and yes, even the Sponsors…

And that’s exactly who I want to talk about this year… The Sponsors!

After doing a little bit of research, I found out that each Superbowl Spot (Ad)  for 2010 will cost anywhere between 2.5 Million and 2.8 Million…EACH! 30 to 60 seconds to “sell” america on a product or service doesn’t seem like much time, but if the ad is compelling and can generate a significant response, then time doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the delivery.

You see, when you throw up an ad on craigslist to advertise your real estate services or maybe a property you’re trying to sell, it doesn’t matter how long or how short the ad is. What matters is if the ad is able to convert (generate a response).

I’ve seen 3 line ads pull 10 times better than 3 paragraph ads and vice versa.

Would you pay $3Million to air your ad during the Superbowl…for one second? Miller Did…

I’m not sure how many sales this ad helped bring Miller, but I’d imagine it helped alot. Because this was a really short ad, it went completely viral and people kept talking about…even to this day. Not only that, but of course, Miller is already a recognizable brand.

“Miller High Life is all about high quality and great value, so it wouldn’t make sense for this brand to pay $3 million for a 30-second ad,” said High Life senior brand manager Kevin Oglesby, in a press release. “Just like our consumers, High Life strives to make smart choices. One second should be plenty of time to remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle.”

If people talk about you…and it’s in a good way…expect a boost in your business!

If you’re going to watch the Superbowl, I want you to take notes while watching the commercials, and look closely for what really grabs your attention.

  • What stands out in any given ad that would make you respond and why?
  • Did the ad “wet your toungue” enough to leave you wanting more? (more information or the product itself)
  • Did the ad make you curious?
  • Was it funny? (This alone devlops interest)
  • What special offers did they make that you think people would go crazy for?

I mention that last question because I believe that Dennys had the best special offer for 2009. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Why would they do that? It’s simple…they wanted business. Sure everyone that went got a free meal, but at the end of the day, they could easily make money from drinks, desserts, extra orders, tips, etc… and they may have even gotten some repeat business.

Their response to this was so great that when I went there on Tuesday to claim my free grand slam, they had lines out the door and handed many of us a coupon for a rain check (same free offer of course).

Overall, as you take notes, I want you to see how you can begin implementing these concepts in your own advertising.

  • What can you say in your ad that will cause people to flock to your website or blow up your phone?
  • What can your subject line or headline say that will grab the most attention?
  • Will the ad serve its purpose
  • How much curiosity or “toungue wetting” can you sprinkle in your ad to make people click or call ASAP?

It’s kind of along the same lines as what Winston Westbrok wrote about when it comes to learning from Junk Mail.

Don’t you think there’s something to gain from an ad that someone litterally paid millions of dollars for?

When it comes to marketing, you must put sincere thought into each ad that you write. The better the ad, the better the conversion. Plain and Simple!

Make sure to split test your ads against one another. You could really love the ad, but the response could be horrible. You could have negative or mixed feelings about the ad, but the leads just pour in as a result of it. Your personal feelings about the ad don’t matter as much as the response by others and the leads you generate from it.

Have a great day!

To Our Success,

J. Lamar Ferren
New Breed Investor

ps. What helps your ads to convert the best? Have long ads performed better for you or short ones?

PPs. Who do you think will win the Superbowl…Saints or Colts? 🙂

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