The Ten Best in This Week: May 1, 2010 Edition

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1 ) FHA Financing Not Available on a Listing? BIG MISTAKE – Rhonda points out why not accepting FHA funding on your house may be a mistake, as it takes out a large portion of the buying pool.

2 ) State of the real estate industry- showing signs of stability – It has been a long time since we have really been able to say it, but it appears stability is coming back to the real estate market.

3 ) Land Bidding Wars Happening Now – Want a great sign the housing market is turning around? Land bidding wars are now happening in parts of the country. When just a few months ago you could not give land away, builders are starting to think about building again.

4 ) The Time is Now Real Estate Entrepreneurs! – When trying to succeed, you should look for that thing that is needed by others, but no one else wants to offer, and then go and offer it. Is real estate that something right now?

5 ) 64% Say Bar Should be “MUCH HIGHER” – 84% of real estate agents think the bar for entry should be higher than it is now. If 84% think it should be higher that means there are a lot of issues among the current agents, which I will assume include many in that 84%.

6 ) Raising the Bar By Changing the Game – It is good to hear that the NAR is very much behind what Houston is doing with their agent rating systems and by making transaction history is available for consumer.

7 ) Listing Strategy – Trapping vs Hunting – What are you doing with your listings to get them sold? This is an interesting look at the approaches agents can use to sell their listings.

8 ) Can I Convert My Existing Home to an Investment Property to Buy My Next Home? – You want to buy a new house, but keep your current one as an investment property. What are the rules? Well it depends . . .

9 ) Why Real Estate Is Always A Sellers’ Market – I really like his explaining to buyers whey you cannot have a standard strategy when making offers on a house.

10 ) Here a great provocative series from Notorious Rob Hahn that examines whether the size of a real estate company matters. Part 1 and Part 2

Bonus: Friday Funny: The Life of a Title Rep – Title Rep or agent, this is just funny.?

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