Real Estate Investors: It is time to take action!

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In October of last year I sent my Dad and my husband Dave to Ron LeGrands Quick Turn course. The landscape of how deals can be financed in Canada had changed so much, and both my Dad and my husband Dave were stuck in a rut as a result.

It just felt like they were spinning our wheels. I figured this would open their eyes to new possibilities.

It worked pretty well for all of us. We actually started a new family corporation, began an aggressive marketing campaign for new deals, and are quickly expanding our portfolio and our cash flow.

For others, Ron LeGrands course was simply the beginning of an expanding education and depleting bank account. One couple that lives near my parents signed on for the $20,000 mentor package Ron offered, and has also attended three other courses by other experts since October.

When you factor in travel costs and the course costs to date they have probably invested nearly $40,000.

They have sent out a few hundred letters and have received some newspaper publicity because a few of their letters touched a nerve with the wrong folks, but otherwise they have yet to make an offer.

Their Return on Time and Return on Money so far is a big fat ZERO!

My Mom and Dad received an email from them yesterday that basically concluded with the statement ìWell, as you know it’s a numbers gameWe weren’t sure if that meant they haven’t found a deal with the right numbers or if the numbers they have spent on education weren’t enough yet.

The number they are missing is the number of offers. If you’re not making offers you’re not creating deals. I don’t care how many letters you send or how many courses you take.

I’m all for education. I spent nearly $20,000 on a mentor and a few courses last year myself. The difference is that I apply what I learn and take immediate action. I don’t believe that any one course holds the missing piece of the puzzle because I know the missing piece is ALWAYS action.

Please don’t mistake my message for anything but what it is:

This is a call to action, and the action is for would be real estate investors everywhere to commit themselves to giving themselves the best education that the market has to offer: EXPERIENCE.

Educating yourself is smart. It helps you get started on the right foot, helps you accelerate your success and it definitely helps you avoid some pitfalls and problems.

But too many times I think that would be real estate investors spend a day searching MLS trying to find a deal, struggle, and then either give up or take another course.

The reality is that it takes time to find the good deals. We started marketing for deals after the Ron LeGrand course in November. We didn’t get our first accepted offer until February. And that was with us sending out about 600 letters a week, placing online ads and spamming the market with our business cards.

It takes energy and effort to research the market you’re investing in and build your network. It takes effort to make offers.

But most of all it takes patience, persistence and a positive outlook. It probably doesn’t take another course. At least not until you have a deal or two under your belt and then want to learn a little more!

Remember, when you learned to walk it all began with a single step. It’s the same with real estate, you can spend all day reading and learning but until you actually start making offers you’re not going to become a real estate investor.

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Buy and hold real estate investing in Canada since 2001, Julie Broad is now a full time real estate investor and investing educator.


  1. Jeff Brown

    Julie — Your advice here is such a vein of gold. Gonna use a baseball analogy just to see Lani’s eyes roll. 🙂

    A great hitter knows that even when he’s still mechanically correct at the plate, there’ll be times when the pitcher wins, or hard hit balls aren’t finding holes, or he’s fouling off pitches he normally crushes. He knows that all he can do is what he believes will produce success. His consistent approach also produces bloopers fallin’ for hits, broken bat, 17-hop seein’ eye grounders for singles, and outs turned into hits by bad hops. In other words, those who keep on showin’ up, doin’ what they know will produce, are the ones who win, AND the ones who, every now and then ‘luck out’ — which we both know is really not luck at all, but the result of grindin’ it out.

    You’re that hitter, Julie. Unless you keep comin’ up to the plate with a bat, ready to swing, there’s no way hits will ever come. Good stuff.

  2. Wow Jeff!! You just made my day!! Thanks so much! I always love a good sports analogy although I am partial to hockey I definitely like this one!! Now … back to batting because I am going to luck out any day now and hit a homerun. 🙂 How was that?!!

  3. You had to rub that in didn’t you Shae?! You know I am running around finding a JV partner to put up $75k and you’re bragging about buying houses for $40k. Be careful or we’ll be moving in with you and Phil in Florida to start investing down there!!!

  4. Great post, Julie. To put it succinctly: p**s or get off the pot.

    And yes, hockey became a sport the first time a mom didn’t want their kid playing it. FYI, my alma mater: Boston College, NCAA hockey champs 2009-2010!

  5. Hi Julie!

    You and I have chatted about this briefly before. I was actually at the same Ron LeGrand course at the end of 2009. There were probably 10 investors or so from Ontario that made the trip to Edmonton to attend the course.

    To your point, the only investors that have benefited from the teaching of the course are the individuals who have put in offers to purchase properties. For the individuals that have put in offers, good things have happened for some of them, as they were able to get a few nice deals.

    I remember at the course there were about 400 or so people. I tried to keep track of how many individuals signed up for the Master’s Program ($20,000). My rough calculation was that there were about 60 people who signed up.

    Without question, the ones who have put in offers and got deals out of it would probably be able to justify those fees.

    However, for the individuals who have put in no offers, I am sure that they are upset with the cost of the program.

    I guess what my long winded point is, is that Action is always the differentiating factor between real estate investors.

    Constant action will help you to continually take yourself to the next level of real estate investing.

    Onwards and Upwards!
    Neil. 🙂
    .-= Neil Uttamsingh´s last blog ..Where should you buy your first rental property? =-.

    • Neil – thanks so much for your thoughtful take on the article. Action really is the missing piece of the puzzle. And not all the actions I have taken have been good but they’ve all taught me more than I learned in a course.

      That said – I love courses and take a lot of them!! I just feel sick when I hear of people spending $40,000 and not really using it!!!

      I would love to hear what those 60 people accomplished compared to the 340 that didn’t take the mentoring. Not saying the mentoring wouldn’t work – sometimes just the sheer act of spending $20,000 lights a huge fire under your butt that makes you take action – and then you have expert coaching to help you along the way. You could accelerate your success quickly. But sometimes the mentoring is an excuse because you expect THAT will make it easier for you. Even with $20,000 in mentoring you still have to work your a$$ off.

      It is all about the action – you are right!!

      Have a great weekend!!
      .-= Julie Broad´s last blog ..What I Learned from a Hockey Playing Hedge Fund Guy from Thunder Bay =-.

  6. Nice article, Julie! I agree – it takes time. Many investors want things to happen overnight – it just does not happen that way.

    I see too many investors trying to find deals through the MLS, online (i.e. craigslist, etc). And, then many try to just contact sellers over the phone and try to put a deal together on the phone, without even seeing the home! It’s ridiculous.

    I know what it’s like to be a seller – I’ve been on the seller end before. What a lot of investors don’t get is that it’s not about them – it’s about the seller. Why would someone sell to someone they don’t know especially if they’ve never seen the home before?

    I think a lot of investors need to take a look at themselves first before they start attacking sellers and say “It’s not working.” This stuff works – it just takes time and persistence.

    I enjoyed reading this article, thanks for sharing!

    p.s. This video from Gary Vaynerchuk really rings true about business and the importance of having patience. It’s just not like the lotto, it takes time.

    • AWESOME video!! Thank you!! I just wrote this on Shae Bynes Blog today but I think it’s a nice add in to this whole subject as it’s about doing the work and being consistent:

      Real estate and mountain biking have a lot in common – which is why I use it in analogies so often. In this case you have to push hard and keep going to get yourself up the mountain side. It’s hard. It’s tiring. And you think about just getting off your bike more than once. But then you hit the top and start sailing back down … there’s adrenaline, it’s easier and it’s so fun. You cover ground 5x’s faster than you did going back up. It’s amazing!!!

      And then you’ll find a new hill to climb … but you’re more ready this time because you know how awesome it feels once the climb is over and you’re just cruising down. 🙂

      You only get to experience this ride when you take action and keep pushing!!

      Have a FANTASTIC weekend all!! Speaking of mountain biking … I’m off to a girls mountain bike camp for the weekend!! 😀
      .-= Julie Broad´s last blog ..What I Learned from a Hockey Playing Hedge Fund Guy from Thunder Bay =-.

    • Thanks for your comment Jason!! As a kid my Grandma always told me that the only way to eat an elephant was one bite at a time. I never understood why anybody would want to eat an elephant but her words mean so much to me now!! Small steps … one by one … will create MASSIVE results!! You’re are totally right!!

      Thanks again!!!

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