The Ten Best in This Week: May 22, 2010 Edition

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1 ) Do you have a business plan? My partner and I did not really have one for our team, then Darin told us about his Simple One Page Business Plan For Real Estate Agents and now we do. We really do recommend you check it out.

2 ) In real estate, the agent is the expert right? Well they should be at least. This post shows exactly that — we have a fiduciary responsibility but are we really living up to it?

3 ) Be sure to check out the post, Do I have to Use the Listing Agent? The topic always brings out a good hot discussion.

4 ) I know there are a few listing agents around here who insist on showing up when a buyers agent brings a new buyer by a house. I am trying to think if I have ever sold a listing where the listing agent was there at the house when my client and I came, cannot think of one. This post, When Less Is More: Why Listings Agents Should NOT Attend All Showings, backs that up exactly.

5 ) It happens all too often . . . you lock in a rate, then somewhere over the next couple of days the rate drops and you want the new rate. Rates dropped, but I’m already locked takes a good look at this situation and shows you why it costs the lender money if they have to relock. It also shows why relocking with a refinance is much more likely to happen than with a purchase.

6 ) Here are 8 Questions To Ask About Mortgage Rates that may help you answer some of your questions.

7 ) We all want to be found on Google and have a large following on Facebook, but be careful, things change. A Taste of the Future of Marketing (No Crystal Ball Needed) shows that if we look at the past, we see what is likely to happen in the future; that future is not what we see today.

8 ) Do you call clients who sign up on your website? Should you call them? The best part of this post Do search consumers want to be called or left alone? is not the post itself, it is the comments. Take time to read through the comments.

9 ) Is RPR coming to you soon? Check out the map here and see who has signed on and what markets are beta testing.

10 ) We all think we know what it takes to be successful in real estate when we start: outwork your fellow agents, be smart, look professional, and know your market. What does it take to be a successful real estate agent? questions if those attributes really are a determining factor.

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I am a real estate agent in the Tempe Arizona area who specializes in working with buyers and sellers in distressed properties. I work with both those looking to sell their home via a short sale and buyers looking to purchase foreclosures. I am also an avid vlogger.


  1. Paul Slaybaugh on

    Thanks for the inclusion, Dean. Every list needs one of us to satisfy ADA requirements. Given the choice of adding a ramp to your blog or referencing my post, I appreciate you choosing the latter. 😉

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