4 Essential Tech Tools For Real Estate Professionals.

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As technology advances, so do the ways in which we can be more efficient in doing our day-to-day operations and in mapping out our long-term goals and strategies.  This week I thought I would share some of the tools that have streamlined my operations and helped increase my business.

  • Highrise from 37signals.  I recently started using Highrise and I can’t say enough about how much this has impacted my daily activities.  This tool takes contact/lead management to the next level by integrating information in as many ways as you can think of.  I am sure there are many similar programs out there, but by being so user-friendly and intuitive, I doubt I will try anything else in the foreseeable future.  This has become my virtual personal assistant.
  • Docusign.   Although it may seem that everybody is already using it, I keep running into people who aren’t.  This is an amazing time saver, allowing users to sign, send, and manage documents.  No more running to the fax machine or scanning countless pages to email.  I can say without a doubt say that Docusign has helped keep a deal alive that otherwise would have perished.
  • Smart phones.  Although there are many choices here and it would take a book to go through all the pros and cons of each one, I needed to mention this.  I still see real estate professionals with flip phones!  Being able to conduct business on the go is a must, clients need real-time information and responses, which a smart phone (with countless applications available) can provide.  Personally, I use a BlackBerry and I am about to jump on the iPhone bandwagon due to the limited applications available.
  • Flowtown.  This has helped me convert leads into clients.  By taking information and turning that into a social profile, it allows you to better market at the individual level.  Being better able to target the specific wants/needs of your leads can make the difference in standing out from the competition.  This tool helps to redefine smart marketing.

There is a myriad of technology tools available today, with more coming on the market every day; technology will never replace the personal touch of a handshake or the certitude of a phone call, but it sure can help each of us (agents, investors, mortgage officers, etc) be more efficient/effective in how we conduct our business.

Feel free to comment and post tech tools that you find useful.

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Alex is a real estate agent specializing in properties in south Maui. For an up-to-date blog on Maui and Hawaii news, events, and real estate trends, visit his blog at www.mauihomeandcondo.com or search his site at www.mauirealestatesearch.com


  1. good question, for example, a few days ago i did a presentation while on the subway. I use iwork for ipad. all in all, its a good portable set up with all my contacts, much easier to email than a phone.

  2. Alex, Thanks so much for the DocuSign mention! I just wanted to point out that DocuSign has a feature called “Designed for Mobile” which optimizes DocuSign for mobile devices – Blackberry, iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile. You can also use DocuSign on the iPad to get documents signed when you’re with your clients.

    Love the list – I’ll have to take a look at Flowtown, because the social profile aspect sounds interesting!

    An Bui
    Senior Manager, Social Media

  3. Great list of tools Alex!
    I use Docusign and cant imagine doing deals without it. Especially when you are making multiple offers..its a massive time and money saver with toner and paper. I will go ahead and check out highrise and flowtown right away.

  4. On what platform do you run docusign? this would prove beneficial for me as an agent.

    I am thinking of perhaps getting an Ipad if they have the capability to have users sign on the glass using a pen. This would in turn allow me to send the signed document by fax to the other party.

  5. Roch, you can use DocuSign on Mac, Windows, mobile smart phones, & iPad. With DocuSign, you can sign on the iPad w/ your finger and use DocuSign’s workflow functionality to have DocuSign automatically forward the signed documents to the other agent on the transaction.

    You don’t have to sit next to a fax to wait for papers to fax to the next person who needs the documents. You don’t have to wait for an email to hit your inbox for you to forward it on. DocuSign automatically does that for you. 🙂

    There’s a 30 day free eSign trial – give it a shot!

    An Bui
    Senior Manager, Social Media

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