The Ten Best in This Week: July 3, 2010 Edition

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1 ) Times are changing. Fannie and Freddie over the last few years have been lowering the time required before you can get your next mortgage after you have a foreclosure or short sale. Now Fannie Mae Changing Guidelines For Strategic Defaulters which will make it harder if they determine you are a strategic defaulter.

2 ) Why Do You Need Title Insurance? In Plain English helps to clarify what exactly Title insurance is and why you need it.

3 ) Mary Pope-Handy is becoming one of my favorite bloggers. She has some great advice for any home buyer, especially first-time home buyers. Her latest is Want to Buy a Home? Save, Save, Save as a Permanent Way of Life.

4 ) This may not be specifically real estate related, but it has been one of the most interesting stories on in a while. How often is it that a Redfin real estate agent arrested for being a Russian spy.

5 ) I try not to include a post from Jeff Brown every week because that would be just to easy, but he makes it hard with all the great no-nonsense material he puts up like this: These Days Simple Beats Sophisticated Hands Down.

6 ) On July 1st the new lender licensing laws went into effect. If Your Loan Originator Isn’t Licensed Today, They Need to Work for a Bank or Credit Union Tomorrow.

7 ) This year I have had two buyers use Kiddie Condo loans to make a purchase. It may be one of the best investments out there, especially for parents sending their kids to college. The savings I have seen over living on campus are just huge. For more, check out Kiddie Condos – does it make sense to invest now?

8 ) The best way to get someone to read a post is to title it Seven Reasons You Shouldn’t Read This Post… Times are changing, is your marketing changing with it?

9 ) Everyone was predicting two months ago that interest rates were going to skyrocket, but here they are at record lows. So you may ask yourself what are the Top Five Market Factors That Influence Mortgage Rates.

10 ) All Your (Data)Bases Belong to Us – This is interesting because you have to ask yourself is the future changing? Would agents rather work for an employer or remain independent? As always with Rob’s posts the comment section is gold.

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