The Ten Best in This Week: July 11, 2010 Edition

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1 ) Is the real estate blog dead? Is it really time to think about abandoning the real estate blog and shift your attention to other things like email newsletters, video and Facebook? The Death of the Real Estate Blog tries to make that case.

2 ) There has been a push by Posterous lately to steal the thunder of Active Rain. Now ActiveRain limits number of posts exported to Posterous? This is proof of why you need to own your content!

3 ) The Goodwise Team has made a lot of news this year about being a The Real Estate Brokerage of the Future. Inman has even nominated them for innovation. This video shows you how they are doing what they are doing that makes them different.

4 ) Everyone is always looking for new ways to use tools like foursquare. Well Come Join The Academy Mortgage foursquare Swarm Party is a different way. This video is an interesting example of why some people still have a lot to learn.

5 ) Instead of finding agents by their listings will the future be finding agents by evaluations? AgentHarvest: The Start of Something?

6 ) In The Answer To the ‘Drive-By’ Real Estate Investors, Jeff walks you through the anatomy of a deal.

7 )  Kristal gives sellers four solid Mistakes Sellers Make When Trying to Sell Their Home

8 ) The Death Of The Real Estate Office – RIP – I work in a virtual brokerage, and it seems more and more agents do.

9 ) Did anyone notice the real estate news this week? It seemed to be all doom and gloom. In Case You Were Feeling Optimistic Today…

10 ) How hard is your listing agent working for you Mr Seller? is a great video on the subject of listing agents and what you get with them as a buyer. The question is does the seller know what they are getting.

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I am a real estate agent in the Tempe Arizona area who specializes in working with buyers and sellers in distressed properties. I work with both those looking to sell their home via a short sale and buyers looking to purchase foreclosures. I am also an avid vlogger.

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