The Ten Best in This Week: July 18, 2010 Edition

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1 ) One of the biggest pieces of news in real estate this week was the Class action suit filed against Bank of America for abuse. BoA should have known you don’t mess with Texas.

2 ) I think some people forget that a Real Estate Contract is legal, binding, can’t just walk away! Buyers and sellers sometimes forget that it is a contract that they’ve signed.

3 ) If you list homes you will eventfully get a lowball offer. Here is a good post on how to handle it best.

4 ) Inman Connect was this week in San Francisco. There were many awards given for technology, brokerages and innovation. Here is a list of all the winners.

5 ) So you want a team? Think it will mean more money and less work? Check out An Effective Alternative To the Team Model.

6 ) Here is a look at Getting Your Sold Listing To Appraise.

7 ) We hear about FHA changes all the time. Here is a Summary of FHA Changes since January 2010. Some changes have not affected the market at all but are good to know about.

8 ) Internet lead conversion is always a challenge; Internet Marketing Real Estate Lead Funnel breaks the lead process down into a couple main action points.

9 ) Another change this week which will hopefully help with the appraisal issues is the new HVCC guidance that Fannie just released.

10 ) Here is some good comic relief to end the week: A day in the life of a Realtor. (warning adult language)

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