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My post this week is a quick one.  I’d like to hear your answers to any/all of the following questions so that I can further tailor my posts to your specific needs.  Feel free to answer in the comments section.  Without further ado:

Question 1: What has stopped you from pursuing ‘green’ in your RE Investing business? (too complicated/don’t see the value/no money in it/not important)

Question2: How much in rebates did you receive last year for properties you rehabbed? ($0, 1-10k, $10-20k, over $20k)

Question 3: Other than here, where do you get your green building or RE investing info?

Question 4: What part of ‘green’ would be most important to you on your investments (lower cost/healthier living/competitive advantage/higher sales price)

Question 5: Do you believe ‘green’ RE investing is an opportunity in your marketplace (yes/no, why/why not)

Question 6: What competitive advantages do you have (if any) over other RE investors in your market?

Question 7: Are you mostly buying short sales, foreclosures or directly from individual sellers?

Question 8:
What ‘green’ advice do you most need?  What would impact your business the most?

Question 9: Do you know where in your market to go to get rebates, incentives, grants or learn about green housing incentives?

Question 10: What topics would you most like to learn more about from me?

Feel free to just comment with the question # and your response.  Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

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I help real estate investors increase profits and property values through a variety of green strategies. I help clients find hidden rebates, tax incentives and credits to maximize returns on any property.


  1. Jeff Brown

    Jim — good questions. I’d love to be able to reliably compare real numbers in various markets showing conclusively that prices/rents are higher with green vs traditional. This would require the ability to easily discern which properties were indeed green, and which ones weren’t. Am I makin’ any sense? Thanks

    • Thanks, Jeff. You raise a very important issue that most investors are truly interested in. The second part of your question (what is a green property) is actually much easier to answer. You can compare materials used, utility bills, etc to compare a ‘green’ home to others in the neighborhood.

      To answer the 1st part of your question-it’s tough to reliably give market data because there simply aren’t enough ‘green’ properties that have been green retrofitted. I can tell you from my experience, green properties always rent for more $ (usually 10% more per month) and sell for 5-15% more.

      The key is selling the benefit of ‘green’ being: Lower utility bills, healthier living environment to prospective renters/buyers. People who on the environmental aspects first, always lose. Sad but true.

      Great question, Jeff, thanks..Jim

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