How to Put Symbols in Craigslist Titles

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For those of you who frequent Craigslist, I’m sure as your eyes have scoured the listings they were attracted to the ads that were in CAPS and the ads that had the graphic symbols included in them.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about take a look at the page below.

I don’t know about you, but symbols such as these are a huge attention-getter.  CraigsList is definitely not the place where you want to blend in, so symbols can come in handy.  That is until everyone starts using them.

The technical term is “ASCII Symbol”, if you use some of the corresponding ASCII codes below in your CraigsList ad titles, you too can have your ads stand out from the masses.

?    ▲
??    &#9654 ▶
?     ▖
?    ▆
?      ♠
?      ♥
??    ♦ ♦
?     ♬

So for instance, the CraigsList title,
“▶ ▶ Awesome 3 bedroom ▶ ▶ 30K Equity ▶ ▶”

will convert to

“??Awesome 3 bedroom ?? 30K Equity ??”

I hope that helps!

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Justin McClelland (G+), is a real estate investor in Houston, TX. Visit his blog MyInnerG where the rule is: Get fit, Get money, Globe trot, Give back. Socialize with him on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Great info. Craig’s list may be the single greatest invention of the last 10 years for real estate investors. Knowing how to use it to the best of your ability is essential for any investors marketing efforts.

  2. Great Post Justin! We’ve been using symbols in our craigslist ad titles for awhile, but i had no idea about the ASCII codes. Thanks for sharing! This is good stuff! Using these symbols alone will get your ad twice as many clicks then normal.

  3. I am in Charlotte NC and always used symbols in my post titles. For the past week I noticed they stopped working. I had a friend preview craigslist on his pc and he also noticed the title symbols are not showing up. It is the end of the title symbols. 🙁

    • I too have noticed they stopped working and it was a cascade effect. It gradually stopped working on some post and within a 2 week period stopped working on all post. I can only assume that craigslist engineers have found a way to block the use of ASCII symbols. Its strange that they can block symbols that help people to differentiate their listing but do nothing for the idiots that place twenty of the same ads, on the same day! Who are the Craigslist people and what is their agenda? There is no such thing as fairness in advertising because no one wants to be equal. Having an eye popping ad is rule one in advertising, but have people create so many of the same ads in one day about the same thing is just annoying and confusing. I’m still surprised with all the smart people out there that no one had come up with a suitable craigslist substitute. I would be worth millions instantly!

  4. Thanks for this. That’ll help. I’ve tried using ascii symbols in Craigslist titles before, but always in the alt+number+number+number method, which always had mixed results. Sometimes Craigslist would delete the characters, or just kill the post. Maybe using these html codes will work better.

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