The Ten Best in This Week: August 29, 2010 Edition

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1 ) One of the quickest deaths to a short sale transaction is a bad BPO, and it happens way to often. When the BPO is out of the ballpark, you really need to go to work and educate the bank. As Melissa points out the best way may be preventive maintenance and meeting the agent at the home.

2 ) The best source to sell your listing is buyers agents. If you want more showings and quicker offers you need to tell them something they don’t know. Next time you put together a marketing campaign for a listing, realize the biggest and most influential target audience is other agents.

3 ) When HAFA was announced last November it was going to be the the answer for short sales. Is the New Gov’t Short Sale Program Working? It’s a government program, what do you think?

4 ) If you are using an FHA loan to purchase your next home you want to keep October 4th in mind. The FHA mortgage insurance is going to be doubling or as much as tripling. This video shows you how that is going to effect your monthly payment.

5 ) And we wonder why we are in this mess? With stories like this it makes you wonder how some banks stay in business. Oh-yeah — with our tax payer money.

6 ) The number of licensed real estate agents out there continues to plummet, yet it is still amazing How Many Realtors are Out There. If everyone knows 400 people as many believe, then they all know a few agents.

7 ) With Facebook jumping into the geo-tagging game with the likes of foursquare, the trend is likely to continue. But what does that mean for real estate? In Tag it, like it, share it Joel takes a look at some creative ways the real estate industry is gearing up to use geo-tagging.

8 ) The news this week focused on how bad the real estate market is and how it is not getting better anytime soon. Is this the new normal? But some reminded us that all real estate is local and the stats can tend to lie when they talk about the housing market stats.

9 ) Sellers want a get out of jail free card when they do their short sales. Sometimes with a real hardship I understand why they do and should get them. How Much WON’T You Pay to Avoid Foreclosure? takes a look at a different scenario where the seller may not be so innocent. Sellers need to use their brain a little while going through their short sale process.

10 ) Ever want to hire a friend to help with your real estate needs? This video points out how that may not be the best choice.

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