6 Ways to Sell a Home FAST!

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What seller doesn’t want to sell a home fast and for top dollar?  It is hard to get both but here are 6 creative techniques to help sell a home FAST! 

  1. Round robin auction – Market and hold a one day open house.  Get initial starting bids then call them in round robin style bidding up the price until there is only one person left.  You can get a quick sale, sometimes for a decent price and can even get backup offers.
  2. Lower the price a very small amount every week – Small weekly price reductions will keep your listing at the top of buyers agent searches with the hope the exposure will get you your fast sale.
  3. Price at the top then huge price discount – Let’s assume your property is worth 110K with comps ranging from 100-140K.  List first at the highest comp 140K for 2-4 weeks such as during rehab.  Then drop to 110K and promote this huge 30K price discount, seller motivated, bring all offers.  It creates a lot of exposure, buyers think they are getting a deal and it can result in a fast sale sometimes at or higher than value.
  4. Find top selling agent – Contact title and get agent sales numbers in the last 1-3 years in the zip code of your property.  The top listing agent may be able to sell your home fast and the top buyer’s agent may have your buyer.
  5. CA value range drop – Some areas of CA have value ranges for their asking price such as 400-440K with your true asking price 400K.  Do weekly reductions to the top number.  Your property will show up in the top of agent searches, can result in a quick sale and you are not even lowering your true asking price.
  6. Give free stuff – Everyone remembers the home that comes with the free furniture, flat screen television and/or entertainment center.  Giving free stuff to buyers can sell homes fast and give you more bargaining power.  

The downturn has created a buyer’s market.  Sellers often experience difficulties selling and long market times.  These creative techniques can be utilized to help sell your home fast.  Can you see any of these working for you and in your market?  Please share your techniques for selling homes fast.

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Ryan is the founder of Real Return Real Estate™ , a company focused on buying property at extreme discounts, selling and renting with cash flow.


  1. Great tips and nice blog content! I think in addition to those suggestions above, its also key that your home offers the very best in first impressions as possible. I’ve had some success by having vacant homes staged to move them quicker. Its often difficult for some buyers to envision a home decorated when its vacant and by having it staged, its easier for them to replace those items in the home with their own as they imagine it. Its also a good idea to have occupied homes professionally staged and first impression curb appeal is a must. A reasonable amount can be spent in landscaping with great returns for those looking for an added boost in their homes appeal!

  2. Thanks Ben, I agree curb appeal and initial appearance help. Kitchens, bathrooms and curb appeals sell homes, you have to get people to see the home too and I have found weekly $250 price reductions to work tremendous. My listing is always near the top so lots of exposure.

  3. Step 2 is similar to bumping threads or posts to ensure they remain on the first page, if not the top thread with the most recent comments or replies. The addition of the small reductions in the price is a smart way to keep buyers from checking your listing out.

  4. Another good way to re-generate excitement about a house for sale is to cancel and re-list it. We keep hearing from our MLS that they’re going to change things so that this doesn’t work but the reality is it works like a charm every time. Many websites highlight new listings and buyers get excited because it’s “NEW” to the market. I’ve had real estate agents present full price offers on homes using this method because they failed to look at the market history for the house.

  5. We are all aware that sellers are still finding themselves in a competitive market and have to differentiate themselves in order to make a sale. Luckily, there are lots of ways to help you sell your home quicker and some of these will even help you get more money for your home. BTW, great information!

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