Real Estate Investing Hustle: An Inspirational Story

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Here is a story about perseverance, commitment and drive that has inspired me in such a way that I felt that I had share it with all of you. Let me introduce Chris, an experienced investor who experienced a slow down in his investing business after the market crash. His challenge was funding deals and the way he overcame it was absolutely brilliant.

First, Chris has been relentless with his networking, building strong relationships and surrounding himself with successful individuals. This has really paid off. But what was so brilliant was that he did not focus on making money, he focused on building a long term business. To do that, he knew he had to be doing deals regardless of his return. So, he offered almost all of the profit to funding partners. While most investors told him he was crazy and noted that they will not get out of bed for anything less than 50% profit split, Chris is doing deals and depositing checks. This decision was brilliant and his business has skyrocketed.

Let’s fast forward to today. Since implementing this strategy, he has already flipped 2 properties, wholesaled one, has 3 more rehabs going and has a ton of offers out there. All of this has occurred in only 3 months. He is working 20 hours less per week and is on track to do 20+ deals in 1 years time. He now has other investors offering better profit splits and can easily renegotiate with his current investors. On top of that, he is a real estate agent so he gets the commission from the listing on each flip. It has been incredible watching his success and he could not have done it without the willingness to take only a 20% profit split.

Chris has really inspired me, and I think that every beginner should learn from his incredible story. I now believe that many beginners should think about doing deals for free, just to build their business and a track record; any profit is a bonus. This is a brilliant way to get off the sidelines and into the game.

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Ryan is the founder of Real Return Real Estate™ , a company focused on buying property at extreme discounts, selling and renting with cash flow.


  1. Great Story. Sometimes we get caught up in what we’re going to make in the short-term and forget the long-term profit potential picture. I have never even imagined taking less than a 50% split on deals with a private investor. By doing those successfully, word will spread, and the supply of money will definitely be driving down the cost of money (like you mentioned). Great Post!

  2. Thanks Brooks, it has been a privilege to watch Chris overcome challenges and exceed his goals. I never thought of that before either, he always talked about building a business not chasing short term profits. He has really done exactly that and now his next challenge is finding worthy deals to put all this money to work. Not a bad problem to have!

  3. People used to make fun of me when they discovered that I was giving up 1/2 the deal. I wouldn’t even try to explain why. There is no reasoning when faced with such ignorance.

    I’m on track to do over 20 massive rehabs this year. Our average profit (said modestly and for illustration only) is $40,000. How much of my own money invested? ZERO!

    And by the way, I’m working with a few other money guys who take far less. To that I say – whatever. As long as we all make money, I’m good.

  4. That’s awesome Craig. It is all how you look at it. For most their ego and greed will get in the way. When you really break it down you make money, build a track record and take zero risk. As long as you are being paid for your time it is a win-win. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

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