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The key to keeping people on your website is to grab the visitor’s attention.  Of course, increasing your contact list is a huge priority as well.  However, requiring people to give you their contact information before they can obtain access to other pages on your real estate website can be a turn off, causing your website visitor to simply leave and move on to your competitor’s site that doesn’t require it.  So, how can you capture leads and get feedback on how to improve your site? 

Kampyle is an awesome feedback tool for websites. It also operates as a lead generation tool without being intrusive.  This fun, customizable widget allows you to create a quick survey that is both eye-catching for your website visitor and informative for you.  See what your website visitors like about what your site has to offer and get suggestions on what could be done to improve it.  And, your widget can be created in just a couple of minutes. For a limited time only, Kampyle will also be offering a 15 day trial for FREE!

With your Kampyle account, you also get a feedback analytics tool which breaks down the data received every time someone uses your Kampyle widget.  Your data is broken down into:

  • Timeline – when visitors are giving feedback (hours of the day, days of the week or month, months of the year)
  • Category/Sub-Category – access specific feedback categories you set up
  • Grade – how your visitors are grading your site
  • Language – see what languages your visitors speak
  • Geographic location – where your visitors are accessing your site from around the world

Add your Google Analytics account to your Kampyle feedback tool for even more data analysis.  Since it is requested and not required, you only get contact information from people who are willing to leave it instead of turning people away from your site altogether.  The data gathered from your Kampyle tool will also help you find out exactly what your website visitors are looking for on your site so that you can make the necessary adjustments.  By tailoring your real estate website to your visitors’ needs, you increase the possibility of return visitors and have a better chance of turning a soft lead into a definite client. And that’s what we all want, right?

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  1. Huge smiling welcome, Pamela.

    You write, “However, requiring people to give you their contact information before they can obtain access to other pages on your real estate website can be a turn off, causing your website visitor to simply leave and move on to your competitor’s site that doesn’t require it. ”

    Do you also believe that as it relates to lead generation via IDX? Thanks

    • Hi again, Jeff – There are two camps on this question. One says that they don’t want visitors to sign in because they may just leave their site and move on to one that doesn’t require giving away their personal information. Camp Two says that they don’t want to be bothered with visitors who believe if the visitors doesn’t want to leave their info, they aren’t serious enough about buying yet. The point of my post was a suggestion for making lead capture non-intrusive – leading to more lead generation. To answer your question, though, I have heard more agents getting results with both. I think if your site’s content is directed to what the visitor is looking for, they’re more likely to sign up.

  2. Hi Pamela,

    Capturing the names of prospects that visit your site is key. The best way to do this is to offer something of great value to the individual for FREE. Internet marketers use this all the time to capture leads, but the nice thing is that it is not highly overused outside the internet marketing arena.

    If you want to get feedback about your website, which I highly recommend, you could use a service like Aweber that allows you to capture leads and set up an autoresponder email series to stay in touch with your prospects. A nice feature Aweber offers is lighthover boxes and exit pop ups that you can use as part of their service to capture some feedback from the individuals visiting your site. Again I would offer something of value if they would answer a few questions before leaving your site and express to them how much their opinion means to you. The feedback you receive will be priceless. You can try and guess all day what people want, but getting their input is truly the only way to give people what they want!

  3. Hi Brian – I agree with your point about offering something free. There are many online sites that offer free resources – Realtor.com, being one of them. Feedback is extremely important to the success of a website and/or blog site. Since most people are reluctant to leave their contact information, using a service like Kampyle is very non-invasive. You make some very valid points. Thank you for responding.

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