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Does Google Consider Real Estate SEO Marketing to be Spammy?

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Real Estate SEO Marketing

I am not a criminal. Come on, say it with me! In fact, Google doesn’t even think that you are being spammy if you are implementing real estate SEO marketing tactics for your business. What, you don’t believe me!? Well check out what Mr. Matt Cutts from Google has to say about search engines still needing to be spoon fed in order to know what your site is all about…

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On the other hand, please don’t let my bold claims mislead you. There is still the right, wrong and somewhat gray way of going about this, and Cutts even defines a few of these “black hat” practices in the video above (if we can even figure out what they all are). However, you still need to be very intentional when targeting specific keywords or trying to optimize your website in order to be found in the masses of information.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend posting shameless real estate SEO marketing juice like I just did here. Instead, produce content that is natural and consistent with what your audience will be willing to read. Deliver quality content at all times. Make a point to submit great advice, news, property listings, local market updates, etc. that they cannot find anywhere else.

In other words, be the go to person for your email list on every level. Show them that you’re the expert they can trust. By focusing on these things first, you will in turn start building good rankings within Google and the other search engines, as long as you make a point to hone in on the proper real estate search terms for your local niche.

Make Like

Let me give you a great example. Check out Joshua Dorkin’s masterful website here, where you can find updates on everything from investing to real estate SEO marketing. And because he and his users post quality content time and time again, people continue to come back for more. Plus, every decent article that is submitted on this site gets like a kazillion social shares within hours, which is simply a natural way of back linking.

Of course the reason being, Josh decided to build a platform that is top notch, so people and the search engines love BiggerPockets. Now this isn’t a paid testimonial or a brown nosing session (Josh you can wire the funds over later). Instead, I truly believe that no matter what algorithmic changes continue to happen in the world of real estate SEO marketing, focusing on your end user first will put you at the head of the pack at every turn.

You see, so many people will start yelling “The sky is falling!” when Google unleashes their newest panda, gorilla, or donkey updates. But as you will find in this next video below, changes are being made on a daily basis at Google. These guys are scientific/mathematical geniuses.

And their goal is to offer a quality experience for their users (I don’t blame them). See the underlying theme here? Therefore, instead of getting all caught up in the hype of real estate SEO marketing tactics, just keep putting yourself in the shoes of your audience.

    Mike Gardner
    Replied almost 8 years ago
    Its funny how the more I learn about SEO the smarter I feel while at the same time feel more confused! If we could only get Matt to do a session only about real estate SEO.