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Turn Likes Into Leads With Facebook Real Estate Marketing

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Can Facebook real estate marketing really be an effective strategy to help generate more leads for your business? There are some who may argue that simply driving traffic to a website which has a ton of visual distractions and the ability to only produce “likes” out of the box could be a waste of precious time and money.

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Yet, with an 800 million+ user network that now rivals giants such as Youtube, there has to be some way to take advantage of this enormous opportunity, right? Of course with this form of marketing, there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to fit the mold of what Facebook has to offer.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing Campaign Produces a 33%+ Conversion Rate?!

We’re in the business of lead generation, and thereby thrive on testing out innovative solutions to constantly help improve ROI for our clients. Sending traffic to some form of lead capture or squeeze page offer happens to be one of the best tried and proven methods to consistently churn out leads at a rate of 15-20% or more.

So the following results may shock you. Recently, after running a few test campaigns in various markets on Facebook, conversions for clicks to “likes” has jumped to an average of about 33-40%! And the best part of this whole process is that it can all be achieved for free or only several dollars a day using Facebook paid ads.

Birdseye View of this Killer Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Now obviously those fans that “like” your page will have to go through an “incubation” process in order to turn fans into business. So, be sure to watch Josh’s detailed tutorial below, and you’ll discover how to painlessly convert each lead utilizing Facebook’s “private fan page community” to your advantage. But for those who want the Cliff’s Notes version, here’s a quick outline of the whole process:

  1. Send traffic to your Facebook page using either paid ads or Craigslist.
  2. Build a foreclosure deals (or your specific niche) lead capture landing page where people have to “like” the page in order to view the deals or search results.
  3. Once they “like,” they’ll be taken over to the Facebook thank you page which displays the results. We are currently using Realbird to generate the listing information.
  4. Then message each new fan privately via Facebook to see if they want to receive emails of the most recent deals.
  5. Continue to post new and fresh content to your page’s wall using some of the real estate marketing ideas Josh provides below in order to keep top of mind status…
    Replied over 8 years ago
    That is definitely the most efficient model that drives business these days. I also prefer to use Facebook PPC or run a contest to get those likes. Thanks for the insights Jeff M Mark
    Jeff Logue
    Replied over 8 years ago
    Thanks M Mark! A contest is another very powerful method to attract more leads. We have had immense success with this idea in the past. Great feedback for another future post by the way. ( : Do you have any contest ideas that have worked well for you? Feel free to share please…
    Gabe Sanders
    Replied over 8 years ago
    Thanks Jeff, I’m checking this out now. Interesting. Do you do custom service also?
    Gabe Sanders
    Replied over 8 years ago
    Thanks Jeff, I’m checking this out now. Interesting. Do you do custom service also?