Finding Real Estate Financing: 3 Ways to Practice Your Pitch

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In our real estate investment careers, most of us run up against a funding wall. One of the common ways to move beyond this barrier is to work with partners who help us continue to finance deals. In order to secure the funding we need, we ought to have have a well delivered pitch and be good at explaining what we have to offer.

There are plenty of articles out there about how to cater the content of your pitch to the needs and wants of your target audience, but how will you gauge the quality of your delivery once you’ve nailed down your content? The only way is to record your practice and go up against a critique by yourself or others.

Voice Recording

The simplest way to practice your speech and gain some valuable feedback is to use some sort of recording device to capture the audio. By listening to the playback for tone, vocal variety, pace and other qualities of great speaking, you can rate yourself and see where your pitch is good and where it could use some improvement.

Video Recording

Creating a video of your pitch delivery may be a little tougher, but it is far more valuable. When you capture your pitch on video, you’ll be able to rate non-verbal queues such as body language and eye contact with your audience. Watching yourself on video may seem weird, but its an even quicker way to improve.


For a step up from video recording, pay a visit to your local Toastmasters club. If you haven’t heard of Toastmasters, it is a public speaking club, and will provide the greatest improvement. As members deliver formal speeches they receive evaluations from other members. Aside from your own self-assessment, the feedback gained from other members will be invaluable. Other people will notice things you never would have on your own and if you take their feedback into consideration, you will improve rapidly.

If you are serious about getting your pitch down pat, keep practicing and take the time to evaluate how you’re doing with it. A few small tweaks in delivery can be the difference between funding your next deal and not.

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Andrew is a Canadian real estate investor and analyst who works with Joint Venture partners to create long-term wealth. With a focus on buying and holding positive cash flow properties in Canada's Technology Triangle, Andrew makes the benefits of real estate investment available to those who lack the time or expertise to buy and manage property themselves.


  1. Fantastic post. Everyone definitely pays attn to the substance of their pitches, but not enough people pay attention to the style/manner in which they deliver them. We have a couple of people at our brokerage currently involved with Toastmasters and they absolutely swear by it.

  2. Thanks for the post. Real estate financing would be now practicing if they read this informative article. With the 3 ways on practicing pitches they can have a good pitch and explaining on what have to offer. Pitch are also very important to do audience. Take their action.

  3. Really great ideas Andrew!! I love it.
    I haven’t attended toastmasters but I often practice talks by recording them and filming them. It can be rather disturbing watching the weird ‘ticks’ we all have when you film yourself. It definitely makes you aware of bad habits you have that you don’t know about!!

    I’m studying body language communication right now. There are some pretty cool things you can do when presenting a pitch to put your ‘target’ at ease and build rapport quickly too. But that’s a topic for a different day.

    Great post!

    • Hi Julie, I’m sure you know how strange it can be to listen to your voice on tape, but watching myself on film when I first started Toastmasters was painful. But, no pain, no gain – getting it on tape is the fastest way to improve since you can combine all the feedback you get with your own feedback after watching yourself on video.

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