Interview with Real Estate Investor: John Fedro on Mobile Homes

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John Fedro is a mobile home real estate investor and coach. In our interview with John (25:16 minutes), we get into topics such as starting out in mobile homes, why you need to know as many real estate strategies as possible, why “secrets” won’t make or break your business, a day in the life of a mobile home investor, and many more great, inspiring things.

Definitely be sure to check John’s blog, Real Estate Cash Flow Formula, or you can follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Good interview. For the years you were doing subject to deals we were focused on all land/home development deals. It is interesting to hear that you can still do subject to deals in your area. I might have to start looking for those again in California, just look for the people that did not touch their homes during the boom.
    Thanks for the video in that you reminded me to re-visit a strategy I did not think was viable in this time of upside down equity – but I will look for them now that this video has reminded me.

  2. Philip Bourdon on

    Hi John. I’ve appreciated your system as well as your attitude. As I listen to you, you keep mentioning “move-n fees.” I have never heard of that; what is it? How could a buyer agree to that if no one else is doing it?

    Also, you are mentioning in your latest videos “wrapping a mortgage.” I’ve never been clear what a wrap is. Who is financing that? Are you offering seller financing in that? Is that where the move in fee is going?



  3. Hi John, i was curious if you had any insight on my situation. i was inherited a 1997 mobile home from my grandfather- he paid cash for the trailer and only recieved a bill of sale from the previous owner(no notorization) -then when it was tranferred to me i was given a deed that was written up by a lawyer. so there is no title- my grandfather never received one, so i did not. now i am in the midst of selling it cash and the future owners want the title to put it in there name. we have searched all resources and do not know what to do. this is in new york state- there is no lein. if we go to a lawyer and have a deed written up for them(and also give them the paper trail from owner to owner) for our transactions, will that be ok for now? any suggestions?

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