Interview with House Flipper & Real Estate Rehabber: Tom Tarrant

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Tom TarrantTom Tarrant is a real estate rehabber or house flipper, and one of the top real estate investing bloggers out there. In our interview with Tom (30:44 minutes), we get into topics including real estate blogging, building credibility, how your blog can be used to increase dealflow, rehabbing strategies, picking the right house, a unique rehab niche strategy – functional obsolescence, rehabbing criteria, how/why an owner could/should act as their own general contractor, finding a great contractor, numbers and margins, and much more. This interview is chock full of tips for those people interested in flipping houses . . . you don’t want to miss it!

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  1. John Evan Miller on

    This is seriously one of the most informative interviews that I have seen on real estate in a very long time. Thanks to Tom for the interview and providing stellar information for those in the real estate arena. Great post.

  2. Thanks for the support you guys, the reason I share so much is seeing others benefit from it. Its great doing what you love and surrounding yourself with like minded people, what a great place Josh has set up here for us all the hang out: )

  3. I’ll be one to attest that Tom has taken the time to exchange a few emails with me and is most gracious sharing his knowledge.

    I have been following his blog for a while and he was one of the persons that inspired me and gave me the confidence to give house flipping a try. I am now on House #7 and loving it!

    The kind of rehabbing that I have learned from Tom is not the “paint and carpet” kind but the one about being proud of what you do and that if that house is going to have your name on it, it will be done right.

    It’a amazing what can be learned through this site and blogs like Tom’s. Without these resources I would have never even dared to give this business a try…keep up the great work.

  4. Great interview. I am doing my first 2 deals, both are in exactly the areas Tom mentioned, close to the city, changing demos in n’hood. these 1950’s atomic ranch style homes. Half way completed and numbers are looking good, but still have that pit in the stomach. Feel much better are seeing this interview.

  5. Great info Tom, thank you so much!! I myself am a wholesaler and I am working my way to the rehabber side of the business. I love to know how my Investors think and what EXACTLY they are looking for in a deal!! Great info thank you so much again!!!

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