Interview with Jonathan Rivera on Real Estate Investing, Social Media & Marketing

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Jonathan RiveraJonathan Rivera aka Real Tech Guy is a real estate investor and expert in marketing through social media for real estate professionals and investors; he is also the creator of Facebook’s hugely popular Real Estate Referral Group.

In our interview (19:35 minutes), we discuss his ventures as a landlord and rehabber, investing in low-income neighborhoods, how to treat tenants, how to use social media for real estate marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus), how to get leads, what kind of content you should be building to attract these leads, and who you should be listening to for advice for your business.

Jonathan can also be found on his own site: Real-Tech Guy.

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  1. Holy cow dude – it’s almost as if I forgot we were going to broadcast this. I was cringing in my seat because I may have shared a little too much.

    I just hope that some folks can pull a takeaway or two that can save them tons of trouble in their real estate investing.

    Thanks for having me on the show!

    • Seriously – I don’t think you overshared . . . I think you gave some great insight and believe that many people will find this to be quite valuable. Thanks again for the interview and I do hope we can do another one in the not-too distant future.

  2. Stanleybruce on

    Thanks Joshua and Jonathan Rivera for touching on this great insights concerning other strategies on how to use the social media diligently for our investing objectives.

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