Research Reveals That Most Real Estate Marketing Leads Are Lost

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According to an article recently submitted by RISMedia, nearly 75% of online real estate marketing leads are lost by companies and professionals. Whether this means that interested prospects are being totally disregarded or receiving too slow of a response is beside the point.

Why on earth would anybody allow this unforgiveable lapse to happen you may ask? Well, I can think of several core reasons:

  • When life gets busy, real estate marketing (and other cash producers) can oddly take a back seat
  • Poor time management and lack of business building discipline
  • Spending far too much time on learning different strategies and disregarding what is already working
  • Delegating tasks to the wrong people
  • And finally, not systematizing their efforts

Unless you are taking the time to set up the proper systems for follow up and relationship building, then you are completely wasting your money and efforts. I don’t know one person out there who is doing all this stuff for fun only. If you are, feel free to contact us for even more great real estate marketing opportunities to fulfill your fetish. ( :

Now, here’s the beauty of establishing a system for your follow up tasks. First of all, this is not something you will need to worry about or focus energies on every single day for it to function smoothly. Instead, you will be able to dominate that extra portion of business that nearly 50% of agents (see referenced post above) are overlooking.

Although it may require some extra work up front, here are a list of simple strategies you can follow and reap the benefits from for years to come:

  1. Email Campaigns: There are so many ways to become an effective email marketer. However, in its most basic form, this is one of the simplest real estate marketing methods for contacting and staying in touch with your leads. With some testing and tweaking, you can produce a series of initial emails that will lock customers in and make them feel like a person and not just a number.

    Your top priority is to offer them high quality information that they can learn from throughout their buying or selling cycle. Prove to them that you are a trusted authority on a particular subject(s). Show them that you truly care, and maybe consider making your first email even more “personalized” by asking what it is they need throughout this process.
  2. Blogging: Based on PCMS Consulting’s research, over 70% of prospects will choose to work with those organizations that contact them first. Obviously, we live in a day and age of speed and efficiency. Therefore, you must learn how to address the needs of your audience.

    Keeping an updated real estate blog is one of the most powerful strategies that you can use to stay at the forefront of your prospects’ minds. By offering quality videos, articles, news, surveys, contests, promotions, etc., you will be able to maintain a continual dialogue with people.

    Take advantage of tools such as Facebook comments, social sharing, Disqus or other commenting systems. Be sure to send the links of these posts out to your email list every few days and also ask for feedback or ideas on other topics you can address.
  3. And yet even more juicy content…

So there ya have it folks! A few great tips and strategies you can use to start following up with your leads more consistently. Of course, we would love to hear your feedback as well as any other real estate marketing methods that may be working effectively for your business. Please feel free to share below.

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    • Hi Sharon! I hope I’m understanding your question correctly. For any site that you create, we always recommend having some form of lead capture available. So for those who visit our Facebook page, blog, or squeeze pages (from a Craigslist ad for example) will be offered some type of high quality content in exchange for their information within plain view. This is how we have built up our own lists. In a majority of cases, you will want to get people to opt in right away.

        • Absolutely. Aweber is perfect for producing email campaigns and also confirming opt ins. Our system is usually setup to direct visitors to some form of a thank you page that either gives them the free content or reminds them to keep their eyes open for the follow up email(s). Then you can space out your campaign to deliver every 2 or 3 days for example to remain in touch and build the relationship.

  1. Jeff,

    You hit the nail on the head with this statement, “Your top priority is to offer them high quality information that they can learn from throughout their buying or selling cycle. Prove to them that you are a trusted authority on a particular subject(s). Show them that you truly care, and maybe consider making your first email even more “personalized” by asking what it is they need throughout this process.”

    SHOW them that you TRULY care! That is the greatest challenge for most real estate agents because they are too focused on “what’s in it for me now”.

    I’m going to use your post and points at my e-Team Meeting next week. Thanks for some great ideas and talking points!


  2. I gather real estate leads on my website. Sometimes I get between 50-150 per month. Some of my agents sell one home for every 25 leads and others can’t seem to sell a home after 100 leads. It all depends on the agents skills and desire.

  3. These are great tips. I actually don’t have an email capture system in place because in our market, people seem to prefer calling agents/brokers over email but this sure got my attention.

    One question, can you be that trusted authority in a market even if you’re fairly new?

    • Hi Ronald,

      Great question. The main thing that comes to mind for me is that if you offer your visitors high quality information, strong advice, and always follow through on your commitments, they won’t care how long you’ve been around.

      As the article indicates above, most professionals are not following up on the leads they receive. If you were to even make a 25% improvement from the above statistic, you would be standing out as more of a trustworthy and reliable agent than most competitors.

      Plus, when I think about my own searching habits, I typically don’t research the “about us” page or even inquire how long that particular site/person has been around. We can always learn something of value from every person we come across.

      Perhaps a small percentage of people will get hung up on this, but if you stay focused on giving them content that they can’t find anywhere else…well then I believe you nailed it!

      Never take for granted what you know. Many of the things you already have learned as a real estate professional could be considered golden nuggets of info for your audience.

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