Spoof: What It’s Like to be a Realtor

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I got a kick out of watching this video recently. It’s a nice little spoof on what every agent at one time or another has probably felt. Yet, I think there is something in this that can speak to everyone, whether you are an investor, broker, mortgage professional, or attorney.

I’ve said it before and will say it again. One of the biggest things that I witness most real estate professionals struggle with every single day is focus. In fact, as a trainer and consultant, it is both very frustrating and also discouraging when I watch people short changing themselves.

In other words, when I see a client with so much potential who is willing to learn all they can about marketing and pulling in leads, yet they never take the simple steps necessary to be successful…well, it can be super deflating.

There’s a part of me that believes some agents simply over commit themselves. Similar to the lady in this video, without establishing the proper boundaries, it can be all too easy for professionals to get caught up in the details that add very little to the bottom line.

Trust me, I am guilty of this very blunder myself. It’s a temptation that all of us are faced with. There are plenty of demands on us every single day, and it is our duty to figure out how to properly balance each aspect. Since I’m personally focused on the real estate marketing end of things, I will use this for my example.

Success is Knowledge Followed by the Proper Action

One of our main areas of expertise is to help agents setup their squeeze pages and Craigslist campaigns so that they can start posting ads immediately to generate more leads. In fact, for those who sign up for a certain program, we even commit to working with them until they are able to obtain a certain conversion rate.

Although we walk with our clients step by step throughout the entire process and show them exactly what they need to do in order to be successful, it can be very difficult to get each person to take the necessary action. And unless an agent is willing to change their habits and practice the new strategies and techniques that we teach them, most of the information can quickly be forgotten and dismissed.

Of course, this doesn’t occur with every single person that we work with, but it is something that we have witnessed time and time again amongst our own audience. Therefore, as we begin to approach 2012, I think it’s a good time to begin taking inventory of both the good and bad, and to set a realistic plan that can help to ensure next year is one of the most profitable ever.

So what are your thoughts as you reflect on certain things that could be tweaked and changed, in order to provide more breathing room and sanity from this point on? How can you avoid allowing others to dictate your schedule so that you can focus on producing even more income? Please share below…

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Jeff Logue and Retechulous, LLC are focused on training agents, brokers, investors, and other professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada on how to effectively implement online real estate marketing ideas for maximum profits.


  1. Jeff –

    That video is really funny. I am not a Realtor, but I owned and operated a home inspection company for 17 years so I have worked with a lot of agents. I know that most folks have no idea what Realtors do or just how hard they work to earn a living.

    Success is truly about focus, and most of us struggle with that every day. It’s hard not to let “life” get in the way.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I was in the same predicament on my early years as a real estate agent. Being a new agent at that time has given me tremendous amounts of pressure in juggling my personal and professional life. Seeing a video like this may help real estate agents take a step back and check on the things that they need to focus on. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Real estate investors aren’t actually the only people struggling from lack of focus. With all the information overload we’re seeing in today’s web, it’s really hard for anyone to stay focused and take action. thanks for the reminder Jeff.

    M Stephanie

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