Who Said Your Real Estate Marketing Videos Had to be Perfect?

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If you’ve been following any of the recent posts on creating squeeze pages for your business, you already know that real estate marketing videos are one of the most essential ingredients to generating better conversions and rapport. Without this key element, it is much harder to build a personal connection, because they help people to engage with what you are saying and offering.

Although this is something that most would agree with, the amount of real estate professionals that are truly putting this into action greatly differs. If I had to guess, many people are not very comfortable whenever that bright gazing light flicks on. There is just something about creating videos that can stop them dead in their tracks.

That is why I have chosen to feature another real estate marketing video today, in order to help work through some of these illogical fears. In fact, most of you reading this article are probably extremely charismatic and comfortable around people, yet your entire demeanor may change in a matter of seconds when it comes to creating videos.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that your material and smiling mug become “etched in stone.” Therefore, if you say anything stupid or make the wrong moves, you could quickly become the object of judgment or ridicule in front of countless unforgiving eyes.

A Quick Lesson From the Video Marketing Master Himself…

One thing that I heard internet marketing guru Frank Kern say before is that you need to make every effort to visualize yourself speaking to your best friend. And if there is anyone that you should take advice from when creating real estate marketing videos, it’s definitely this guy. Why? Because he has learned the art of being himself!

Kern just seems to have a knack for making you feel like you’ve know him for years. He’ll make you laugh, cry (ok maybe not), and will always get the point across in a very simple and effective way. Most of the time you’ll find him wearing beach style shirts and sandals while jamming out on his guitar.

Now this may take some practice of course, but please believe me when I say it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, I would venture to say that people will be more inclined to connect with your real estate marketing videos, because you are being natural and human. So don’t try to be Frank Kern. Just learn from his example and be you! Otherwise, people will see right through you.

Therefore, have a little fun, crack a joke or two if that’s your style, and stumble over a word here or there. Remember, it’s more about how you say it than what you say. Just simply speak with confidence like you do every day whenever wheeling and dealing.

Yet Another Video Marketing Case Study

For further motivation, be sure to check out this very short video shot by our man William May. As you’ll find in his brief introduction to his squeeze page, William didn’t even try to be perfect. He in fact purposely drops the book and laughs at himself to break in the audience. Pretty simple stuff huh? So what will be the angle for your next real estate marketing video?

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  1. Video marketing is definitely not an option for marketers anymore. It’s an obligation that we all need to make use of in order for our marketing efforts to make sense. There is also another guy who’s courses are really packed up with super useful information about video marketing. It’s Andy Jenkins. Thanks for the advice Jeff

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