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3 “Secret” Steps to Ultimate Real Estate Investing Success

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OK, I have to warn you up front…I’m gonna get a little weird in this post. So bear with me…

A few years ago, a movie came out called “The Secret”. You probably remember it. If you’re a guy, you probably remember your wife, girlfriend or maybe even your mom getting into all this touchy-feely “Secret” stuff by this crazy Aussie woman named Rhonda Byrne.  Everyone was talking about it – even Oprah.

Back then, I scoffed at it. It was far more fun to make fun of it than it was to make use of it.  I thought it was a bunch of malarkey…that is until my wife got me the audio book for my way-hip Rio MP3 player (remember those?)  Even though I really didn’t want to listen to it…she kept bugging me about it. So to keep the peach, I eventually caved and listened to it as I was working as a flooring installer.

At that time in my life, I was going through a big transition in my business – struggling with the direction for my career.  Should I keep doing flooring and make pretty good money or should I pursue my REAL passion – real estate investing.  I was on the brink of getting into real estate investing…that was, if only I could only get out of my own way, overcome my fears and take the plunge and just do it.

So although I didn’t really want to listen to “The Secret”, my wife knew better. And as it turned out, it was just the thing to finally kick my butt to start doing it.  And thanks to her and “The Secret”…I haven’t looked back since.

“The Secret” to Real Estate Investing Success?

The first thing I tell any new coaching student of mine is something that has absolutely nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of house flipping or real estate investing. But it has everything to do with your mind and how you use it – to not only overcome fear, but to use your mind to attract the things you want most in life.

I gotta admit, this is not usually the first thing that people think about when they want to start investing in real estate.  However, mind control is one of the best things you can do to achieve any sort of success in life, whether it’s house flipping or any other venture in life. Most people who want to start flipping houses have no idea how important mind control is when pursuing their dream of achieving long-lasting real estate investment success.

And once you control your mind and how you think…then and only then – can you begin to attract the things you want in your life. Sounds wayyyy too simple, right?

Yes it is simple.

But it’s not simplistic.  The point is this: anyone who has ever achieved anything in their life – from Carnegie to Einstein to Henry Ford to Oprah Winfrey (yes, her too) did not know at first exactly how they were going to achieve it…all they knew is that they would achieve it.

This is not to say you shouldn’t have a plan and just go through life “winging it”. In fact, if you don’t have a plan going into a new house flip, then that is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.  I’m talking about everyday kinds of things. Whether it’s attracting great wealth investing in real estate or as simple as attracting a cup of coffee – both start with one thing: a single thought.

And that single, simple thought is more powerful than you have probably ever given credit to it.

The 3 Steps to Real Estate Investing Success

I told you this was gonna get weird…so here it comes.

So what does all this have to do with you being a real estate investor?

Everything. Because how you attract wealth, success, freedom, ego gratification, lots of rental properties, cash flow, money…whatever it is that you truly want in your life – it all comes down to three essential steps.

Step 1: Ask

The first step you must do in order to achieve success in real estate investing is to think to yourself what you want.  Have you ever done that? If not, its time you did. OK, now its time to let the universe know it too.

Yes, I did say “the universe” – I told you this was gonna be weird!

This doesn’t only apply to you. In fact, it’s been applied and continues to apply to some of the most famous inventors, businesspeople and scientist of all time.  The theory of relativity was just a thought in the mind of Einstein before he “discovered” it. He knew it existed, all he had to do was just find it. Henry Ford knew there was a way to bring “the horseless carriage” to the masses. All he had to do was find a way to do it.

Its the same way with you and your house flipping or real estate investing career. You know people are making money doing it – you see all the TV shows and all the articles – either on this blog and all the other places online.

All you have to do ask for it to happen and you are one step closer.  In the book, Byrne says that once you ask for what you really want, then “the universe will then align itself around what it is you want”…yes, it actually  does do this, just for you. So, right now, sit down and write out on a piece of paper what it is that you want. And by the way, it’s absolutely essential that it’s written in the present tense.  Say something like:

“I am so happy and I am also so grateful that I now make over $150,000 per year flipping houses as a full-time real estate investor”

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You have to be very specific as to what it is that you want or the universe will work against you to not bring you what it is that you want. This only makes sense when you really think about it – why would you ever order something you don’t want?

And also, you only need to order it just once.

Think about it this way: when you order a book from Amazon, do you keep ordering it over and over again until it comes to you? No, you order it only once.  All you have to do is just place your order. Once you’ve done this, you can kick back and relax. And as long as you do steps two and three in sequence, what you’ve ordered will then begin to come to you.

2. Believe

Now here’s where you need to do a little mind trickery on yourself.  The next step is to behave as if you already received what you’ve ordered. Have unwavering faith that you have already received it. Simply believe as if your order has already and arrived and you’re enjoying its benefits now.

Brian Tracy tells the story of a salesman who was out slogging away at his door to door sales job thousand of miles from home, beating back rejection on every call – not selling a single thing. That night, as he plodded back to his hotel room and with one more appointment to go to the next day, he got a call from his wife.

She told him that they had just won the lottery. They were instant millionaires. Obviously, he was pretty excited and contemplated flying home right away. But being a man of his word he went to his final call the next day, practically skipping there with excitement and optimism. Of course, he closed the sale for a big commission.

When he arrived home that night, as he burst through the door eager to see the winning ticket, his wife had bad news for him. It was then that she confessed that she had played a prank on him and that they had not in fact won the lottery. She was only trying to cheer him up because he sounded so down on the phone.

Although his thoughts of excitement and optimism were false – his results the next day on his final sales call were 100% real. The only difference was his mindset and belief.  When you place an order online, you know it will come to you. So while you’re wait at home for the UPS truck to come deliver what you’ve ordered, you’re not tense or anxious. You know it’s on its way (even if its two days before Christmas – thanks Amazon!).

This is the exact same principle when you are ordering success as a real estate investor. Step 2 is believe that what it is you asked for has already come to you and you are enjoying its benefits now.  As soon as you place an order from “the catalog of the universe” (Rhonda Byrne’s words, not mine), the universe immediately begins working on filling that order.

All you need to do is simply wait for it to arrive.

Step 3: Receive

The next step is a bit stranger than the first two…but trust me on this one – it does work.  In Step 3, you now need to feel thankful that what you have asked for has already arrived to you. Feel the way you would feel once it arrives. Visualize the success that you will have and start telling everyone you know about how successful you are. Place a vision of that success in your mind this very moment. Thank the universe you already have it.

Don’t think about HOW it will come to you though. When you start thinking about how it will come, you are sliding down the slippery slope of doom.Your primary job is not how it will come to you – let the universe figure that out.  The “how will I achieve success flipping houses” question is not your part in the creative process. Somehow, with unwavering faith, it will come…you just have to be open to receiving it.

Simply this: if you don’t know how, you will attract it – and it will be attracted to you. You’ll find a path somewhere – so don’t worry about it. It will come to you.  When most people don’t get what they want especially after they have asked to receive it they get frustrated, discouraged or even depressed. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you, change your thinking immediately if these kinds of feelings start to creep in.

So instead of accepting this, recognize that feeling and REPLACE it with unwavering faith that it will come to you. Believe the success you want investing in real estate is already on its way.  Begin to feel incredible about what you want and feel the way that you would feel when it arrives. Envision yourself proudly telling your spouse, your friends your family how successful you’ve become flipping single family houses, buying apartment building, flipping mobile homes…

You need to feel it actually already having happened. Then wait for it to come to you. Act every step of the way, as if you’ve already received it.

The Secret Example

Ever since I started flipping houses full-time, I’ve always wanted a really good real estate investing software. One that could help me analyze hundreds of deals, tie into MLS, create tickler files of listing leads and seamlessly integrate into QuickBooks.

Unfortunately, I’ve never found one. And trust me, I’ve looked.

Since none of the ones I have ever used are really all that great, a decided about a month or two ago, to set my mind on finding a way to develop it. And if it was really good, I would not only use it myself, but I would also consider creating a potential business around it in 2013 as well.  The very next week at a REIA meeting, I just so happened to bump into a software designer/developer – what are the chances! To my amazement, he told me that he’s developed some of the most popular and highly technical computer software programs in the world for start-ups and major corporations.

I then come to find out he lives just a few miles away from my office. Had he ever attended a REIA meeting before? No. Had there been other software guys at this REIA meeting before? Possible, but not that I can recall. Of course in full disclosure  I really wasn’t looking at that time. But this time I was.

Coincidence? Perhaps.

The Secret” in action? Definitely. So although what I might say here in this post is a bit odd, a bit ethereal and most of all a bit…weird, you just really never know what will happen when you “put it out there in the universe” – and you never really know how it will come to you. It’s simple: ask once, believe it’s real and feel great about having received it.

And that’s “The Secret” to real estate investing success.

If you made it this far, please leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear about what you think about “The Secret” – any other weird stuff you think about or any questions about real estate investing or flipping houses!

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Michael LaCava is a full time real estate investor, house flipping coach and the President of Hold Em Realty located in Wareham, MA. He runs the website House Flipping School to teach new real estate investors how to flip houses and is the author of "How to Flip a House in 5 Simple Steps".

    Replied almost 7 years ago
    To sum up get your hands on Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. The author of “The Secret” plagiarized the entire movie/audion from Mr. Hill’s work.
    Jeff Brown
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    . . . Which was then put in scientific form, via NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. Which was then copied (and given kinda sorta credit) by Tony Robbins.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    I am not aware of that. Think and Grow Rich is one of my favorites. The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale the original recorded version I highly recommend if you haven’t listened to it. I believe it was recorded in the early 1950’s. The start of this self help mega market.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    I am not aware of that. Think and Grow Rich is one of my favorites. The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale the original recorded version I highly recommend if you haven’t listened to it. I believe it was recorded in the early 1950’s. The start of this self help mega market.
    Steve Toohey
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    This is great. I’m adding this philosophy to: You life is not what happens to you, but how you react to it, and the great Edison quote (or paraphrase) “Opportunity is missed by most because it usually comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    So True Steve – Thanks for sharing & a great reminder. I try not to look at any business issues as problems but an opportunity to solve & learn from. Not always perfect but I have to try. Thanks for the comments!
    Danny Johnson
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Damn it, Mike. Stop giving away all of the secrets! LOL But seriously thanks for the great post. I enjoyed it and also am a big fan of “The Secret”, “Think and Grow Rich”, etc.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    LOL. I know I have to stop that. I can’t help my self. Love Think and Grow Rich. One of my favorites. Thank’s for the comments & humor!
    Carolina S. Investor from Miami, Florida
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Jeff Brown
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    As a man thinks, so he is. The rest is all building on that foundation.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    So true Jeff & with out a solid foundation look out.
    Thom Harrison
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Amazingly accurate philosophy Michael. My oldest recently graduated from Virginia Military Institute. There is an inscription credited to Stonewall Jackson on the stone archway of the barracks where each cadet lives during their four year cadetship. It simply reads “You may be whatever you resolve to be.-Stonewall Jackson”. I started investing in rental properties about a year before my oldest started her cadetship at VMI. I read that inscription every time I visited her at VMI. It’s amazing how the world world reacts when you resolve to do something. A few deals/years later, I now have a wonderful rental portfolio. I believe quite a few of those deals “fell into my lap” simply after choosing to be a successful real estate investor. Whether by chance, Devine intervention, or “opportunities dressed in coveralls” (hard work!)…it seems to only come your way after you “resolve” to have it come your way. Great post and so true for all those just starting out in the business.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Thanks Thom for sharing your story. I believe it and and living it. Great Stonewall Jackson quote. Simple but deep and most definitely true.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    It’s funny because I just read this and had listened to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale just a week ago. Very motivating.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    For sure Mark. Good stuff!
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Michael, interesting application of the law of attraction in the real estate investing world. I have to agree with you 100%. If it works with other stuff (and it does), why not with dreams of becoming a successful real estate investor. Loved the post.
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Thanks Tony. You are exactly correct. Good point. Thanks for your comments.
    Replied over 6 years ago
    I am a big believer in this type of mind power. My one concern is regarding many people out there who will struggle by not doing work, and could use this post as reinforcement of their lack of action. Parts of post really seem to deter people from proper planning. Your statement of “Don’t think about HOW it will come to you though” if dangerously close to “don’t write out your plan.” To those like minded people such as myself who believe in the third statement, I think we can see the point and it’s intention. But, for people new to the idea, they may not understand that this is a mental exercise to change your view and focus, and not meant to replace planning and effort. Otherwise, great post!
    Daniel Okon Investor from Minnetonka, MN
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Love this philosophy, finishing up “Think and Grow Rich” and I believe this is a powerful tool.
    Julie Rogers from North Lauderdale, Florida
    Replied almost 4 years ago
    Great article, except the Oprah part. Thanks for your time!
    Michael Hugh from Fishkill, New York
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Great article! Just curious. So did you find a really good real estate investing software? Because I am not happy with QuickBooks either.