Real Estate Marketing: The Story of the 109 Year Old Blogger

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Are you still struggling with the idea of creating and maintaining a real estate marketing blog? For those of you who need a little extra inspiration, I wanted to share a story with you today about Ruth Hamilton. As the world’s oldest blogger, Ruth boldly chose to share her wisdom, beliefs and insights until she passed away just three months short of her 110th birthday.

Yet, this was not Ruth’s only life accomplishment. Additionally, she served as the first woman ever in the New Hampshire legislature, worked in real estate and restored old homes, hosted a radio show, lectured across the country, and wrote various newspaper articles. Ruth was truly a remarkable woman, but she lived according to very simple life principles that we can all choose to adopt.

Building Your Real Estate Marketing Blog One Step at a Time

I believe that if Ruth were still alive today, she would strongly emphasize how much you really have to offer your chosen audience. Here is a woman who never fell short of producing new and fresh content. One glance at her blog and you will discover that she passionately took time to invest in it consistently.

Even in her early 100’s, Ruth grasped the power behind utilizing the web to reach out to those she was meant to help. When forced to move into a nursing home as her body (but not mind) began to deteriorate, she didn’t offer up excuses or give up on making a difference. Ruth took action.

In a similar manner, investing your time and energy into a real estate marketing blog will help increase your chances of building your business and providing unique wisdom and expertise. Making every effort to offer each prospect high quality and useful information every week will ensure you quickly produce a very strong following.

“I Was So Close to Adolf Hitler, I Could’ve Shot Him”

Additionally, Ruth placed the importance of getting her video content out on the web above her fears of what she looked or sounded like. All of her submissions were short, sweet and to the point. Yet, each piece always contained some bit of interesting or compelling information that people loved.

Because of her care for and interest in people, Ruth will continue to be remembered. She didn’t allow age, circumstances, or fear to hold her back. Likewise, you can do the same for your real estate marketing blog. How has Ruth inspired you today?

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  1. Such an inspiration Ruth is- if she can blog, anyone can! My only question is: how did she find all the time? It seems are Realtors, we are needing to spread ourselves thinner and thinner to keep up with all of the technologies and new tools at our disposal!

    • Jamie great question, and I think it’s the very issue that everyone needs to consider. Although it may sound somewhat cliche, I think it is vital for people to make the time for something that will continually have a larger impact on their business.

      One idea I would encourage you with is to focus on making videos for your real estate marketing bog. Think about the host of opportunities you have available to you: marketing property listings, neighborhoods, local businesses, house buying tips, market trends, news, etc.

      By getting in the habit of shooting one 2-3 minute video a week at a minimum, you could have that uploaded to Youtube and automatically posted to your blog in no time. Even if you just write an article or two a month, this will get you in the mode as well. Or consider a service like Bring the Blog.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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