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Every year in December, I begin the process of setting goals for the upcoming year. I actually spend quite a bit of time looking back at what worked and what could have been better.  I try to do an honest assessment of the year, and part of that assessment includes admitting that you fell short in some areas which can be tough to do. Another factor comes in to play when you realize that some of your habits (or lack of them) played a part in the end result.

Do you have any habits that are getting in the way of your success?

I have found that there are several habits that I have “acquired” that if I were to change them, would make a big difference in my business over time. I’m not talking about big things; but little things, and I am determined to make those changes in 2012. One of the things I am going to do is to tweak my morning routine so that I get to work a little earlier each day. Getting a grip on those “time wasters” is another thing I will be working on.

Was your year just good or was it awesome?

I was reading a blog post by my friend and fellow real estate investor Shae Bynes this past week. In her blog post, she not only talked about her goals but how she felt about 2011 as she looked back over the year. She said she had accomplished a great deal of things she set out to do.  She had a good year.

It was the thing she said next that really got my attention. What she said was that “She had sacrificed awesome for good”.  I read her post again, and I had to admit that I had very much the same kind of year.

I took another look at the goals I had written for myself for 2012. I had what I thought were some pretty big goals written down on that paper.  What I really didn’t see was anything that would result in “awesomeness”. I was going to need to reach further and dream bigger dreams to even get close to “awesome” and that is just what I did.  I pulled out that piece of paper and started over.

What would it take for 2012 to be awesome for you?

What would you have to do, change or maybe stop doing to move away from ordinary and become awesome? As you are looking back over 2011 and setting your goals for the New Year, is there anything in there that will make you come close to awesomeness?  If not, pull out that piece of paper and start again. None of us should settle for just “good or good enough”.

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