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It’s  a hurdle most real estate investors run into early in their careers….  How to find real estate agents that understand the “unique” offers investors make to seller’s agents. Whether it’s the idea of buying with seller financing or taking an option on a property, most real estate agents have never heard of these transactions because it is not required curriculum for them to acquire a license. This leaves many investors and agents frustrated trying to determine what each side is actually asking for. Have no fear! A good game plan for making offers will help you acquire more properties with seller financing. Here are a few tips I have found extremely helpful for buying with seller financing.

Identify Currently Available Properties: This might seem like a “Captain Obvious” quote, but the reality is, If you have access to an online multiple listing service and can do a search for a term like “Seller Financing”, “Owner Will Carry”, “Can be Sold on Terms” it’s will prove very valuable. These terms are the gateway to existing listings where the agents are representing properties that can sold with seller financing. You can make offers on these properties with a high likelihood that your offer will be presented to the seller. Beyond that, you may make contact with an agent who understands your interest in buying with financing and knows of other listings coming up, or that have expired.

Prepare the Offer: Even an experienced agent doesn’t know all of the details of most seller financed offers. Be prepared to type up the financing addendum for the agent. In it, you detail all the parameters of your offer that will be presented to the seller. Knowing that over 40% of communication is lost in translation from the outset, you can save time and effort by putting the financing addendum together for the agent.

Explain the Offer: This one is so critical to those properties you find that are being represented by an agent is not familiar with seller financing. Be ready to provide to an accurate description of the offer to the agent. You have a higher likelihood of having your offer presented if the agent can explain it intelligently to the seller. Even though agents are required to present all qualified offers, you would be surprised how often they will hold off on presenting a seller financing offer if for no other reason than they cannot properly explain it to the seller. Take that stress off the seller’s agent by teaching as much as you can about seller financing.

Pretty simple list huh? When it comes to getting seller financed deals you have to take away as many obstacles as you can. Education, persistence and knowing where to look for deals get easier over time.  It’s said that most people stop just three feet away from gold. Don’t ever give up before you reach your goal!. Even though these tips are common sense, they will get you to the gold!

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    • Great question Tom. Yes, the realtor does get paid by the seller. I have seen it a few different ways. I have seen the commission structure right at close which makes the seller cash poor which usually reflects the seller asking for a higher down payment from the buyer so they actually get cash in their pocket. I have also seen and done it where the agent gets paid in increments over time as payments are made to ensure that they placed a good buyer. As long as the broker, agent and seller can agree there are various ways to pay the realtor and help the seller not feel so cash poor.

  1. Buyers benefit from seller financing because they may be able to buy a home they can’t qualify for with traditional financing. Through seller financing they may be able to negotiate better terms such as lower payments or a smaller down payments. Lastly, they may be able to position themselves to add substantial value by fixing up or renovating.

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