How We Improved Our Facebook Ad’s CTR by 2,000%

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Recently we started running some split tests for our Facebook real estate marketing ads, and one of the ideas we tried is known as the “Where In” campaign. In other words, this is a way to pull in traffic via Facebook by displaying an advertisement that portrays a local landmark, which visitors can guess at for a chance of winning a prize.

After making some very simple yet extremely effective tweaks to the original copy, we were absolutely shocked by what we found. In fact, I think Josh Schoenly nearly peed his pants when he discovered that by altering 3 specific components, the click through rate (CTR) literally jumped by 2,000%!

How Our Facebook Real Estate Marketing Campaign Improved Exponentially

  1. The Image: As you will see from the video below, one of the most important factors to improving CTR’s is by utilizing a catchy photo. Think of this as interruption based marketing versus actual search intent.

    Therefore, with Facebook paid ads, you want to make sure that you find a way to jump off the page. By shifting from a generic stock photo to using a very small image of the actual location, users had a much higher interest. Tip: make this just small enough that people have to visit the page for better visibility.
  2. Advertised Location: From Ryan’s first ad, we find out that using “Central Pa” in the copy was far too broad. Therefore, it helps to keep your Facebook real estate marketing as targeted as possible. Especially when utilizing the “Where In” concept, people are much more likely to guess at something if it falls within their local area.
  3. Demographics: Finally, by changing the targeted demographic from “within 10 miles of York” to just the city, we were able to cut our audience by about 35,000. This helped to remove those irrelevant impressions without sacrificing our reach.

Critical Facebook Ads CTR Benchmarks

Now, Josh will show you more of the nitty gritty below, but here are just a few important factors that you’ll want to keep in mind when running tests for your Facebook real estate marketing:

  1. Cut out any advertisements that fall below a CTR of .025%
  2. Continue split testing whenever you are between .025 and .05%
  3. Anything above the .05% benchmark is great, and over .1% is absolutely bananas

So, click play below to watch this case study and discover how we achieved a CTR of over .2%…

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Jeff Logue and Retechulous, LLC are focused on training agents, brokers, investors, and other professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada on how to effectively implement online real estate marketing ideas for maximum profits.


  1. Hi Jeff, very useful information on Facebook ads. I believe that small details are the ones responsible for great change. I’ve seen some internet marketers who split test between dozens of ad samples before they decide which one have the higher CTR. In your case, the conversions were really awesome. You always bring value Jeff, so thank you for the great advice.

    M Mark

    • Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the great feedback and kind words as always. It’s awesome to get a home run like this, but like you mentioned, success only comes by continually testing and tweaking things.

      Since ads will be displayed to a similar demographic of people over time, it’s important to always keep updating things and trying new pics, copy, etc to keep things fresh. These key principles make a difference!

    • Hi Lee, thanks for your question. Currently we are getting opt ins for under $4 for this campaign, which is very good from our experience. This idea works extremely well for getting traffic and seems to be producing positive results in various markets for our clients. But it still comes down to each person taking time to make their landing page and lead capture unique to the local area.

    • Hi Bala,

      That’s a really good question.

      I know that you can choose which languages you want to advertise to within the demographics area. However, I can’t speak for the CTR on this since we don’t have any experiences with other languages.

      My assumption would be that the same principles apply. Let me know what you find!



  2. Thank you, Jeff. Its so rare to find free, truly useful information online. So often, there’s a lot of tease on a page like this to capture a person’s email without first providing valuable info. Your page here is the opposite of that. You really set yourself apart with this video content.

    Craigslist has become impossible, so we’re looking for something new. After 6 months of productive and constant Craigslist marketing, suddenly they are deleting most of our ads. It has really been frustrating, so I’m hopeful that FB will get our traffic moving.

    • You bet Kevin! Glad this info was helpful for you. Likewise, we used Craigslist for a very long time, but we are finding Facebook to be more effective and reliable recently.

      Ads are reasonably inexpensive, it provides great targeting options, and this is also a powerful way to build your social presence and page on top of getting leads.

      Best of luck!


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