How to Create Property Specific Twitter Listing Pages

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I was digging through our archives today, and came across this pretty nifty training on how to setup property specific Twitter pages for your real estate social marketing. This is just one of many options that you can add to your arsenal of tools whenever promoting a local listing for your business.

In fact, this whole process can easily be followed and implemented in a matter of minutes. So let’s dive in right away to discover how you can quickly create each page and start driving a little extra traffic to your main lead capture elements.

Creating Your Twitter Listings Step by Step:

  1. Setup unlimited accounts with this tactic: Did you know that you can actually setup separate Twitter accounts for your real estate social marketing efforts by using the same Gmail address? Since Twitter will require this entry to be unique, just type the first portion of your address (the portion before the “@”) symbol, followed by the “+” sign and the address of your property (i.e. 77 Privet St), and then finished with “” Please see the tutorial below for better clarification.
  2. Invite your friends: This part is optional, but it may be worthwhile to upload any buyer contacts you may have in your address book to follow the details of each listing you have.
  3. Change up your settings: By clicking on the “settings” link once signed in, you can customize your profile picture, page background, add website links, choose a description and even change hyperlink colors. When implementing this Twitter real estate marketing strategy, we recommend that you write a quick call to action (such as “Click the link above for even more pics, video content, etc.”) in the description box that will encourage visitors to jump from your Twitter listing and onto your main lead capture page.
  4. Create short tweets: Now we get to the fun part. Once you have your page looking the way you want, next it’s time to start posting a small handful of updates to your Twitter homepage. Simply begin uploading tiny snippets of info about the property straight to the twitter feed. As you are doing this, be sure to also sprinkle some lead capture elements into the body of each Twitter real estate marketing listing as well. For example, you could include the message “To see 1,000’s of other listings just like this, go here,” or “Access the full property details for this listing right here.”
  5. Drive more traffic: Although Ryan doesn’t cover this part in the training below, he does refer to the idea of setting up an automatic traffic engine. One option that we highly recommend to build up your list of followers is known as “Tweet Spinner.” By using this powerful tool, you will be able to search and follow those who are posting keyword phrases relevant to your niche.

Even though creating Twitter specific listing pages may not produce the highest amounts of traffic or leads for your real estate social marketing efforts, every little bit certainly helps. Plus, sellers will love to see that you are taking advantage of every possible avenue.

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  1. Twitter has been proving to be a very useful medium especially in business. I learned new tricks and tips here. Thanks for the information. I should be able to use twitter better. 🙂

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