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One of the best aspects of online real estate marketing is all the great tools and platforms that are available to users. In fact, there are so many things that can be implemented for free or very little cost, which still have a powerful effect on helping build traffic, conversions, and rankings.

Over the years, I have personally stumbled across a handful of really great options that have truly made an impact for our own campaigns. Therefore, today I wanted to share with you just a few quick ideas that I feel may also be helpful for your own business:

Free Extensions for Firefox

If you are not currently using Firefox as a browser, you can download it right here. As an open source platform, this provides you the opportunity to grab various free real estate marketing tools. Here are a couple that will work great for your SEO efforts:

  • SEO Toolbar – There are a bunch of things I love about this toolbar. First of all, I have never experienced a problem with crashing. Additionally, it offers you the ability to check page rank for chosen keywords, back links, directory links, no or “do follow” links, and other beautiful SEO functionality. I find the results to be fairly accurate, and it really helps to spy on competition. Of course, there’s the option to purchase even more information through “Majestic SEO” and “ahrefs” if you really want to dig deep.
  • SEOquake – Here is a second alternative toolbar. Although I find this real estate marketing tool to be much more finicky than the first, there are a couple additional cool features you get. On a good day, you can actually sort Google results by PR for your particular niche in order to find the high ranking sites for your chosen keywords. This provides a great opportunity to quickly find places to leave blog comments. Be sure to run the no or “do follow” application above to make sure you’re getting juice for at least a handful.

Warrior Special Offers Forum

Check it out here. I’m not gonna lie…this tip alone makes the entire post worthwhile. You’ll feel like a spazzy little kid in a candy store. Just keep one thing in mind. Do your homework and don’t buy more real estate marketing tools than you need.

It’s so easy to start taking things off the shelf that you won’t have time to utilize, so let’s take baby steps here folks. They do an excellent job of reviewing products beforehand so you’re not getting crap, but just make sure each solution fits your needs.

A Couple Wordress Plugins

Yes, the list could nearly be endless. Hence, I’m going to simply point out 2 really powerful plugins that have worked very well for our own site. I’ll leave it up to you to mention others below if you’d like:

  1. Most Popular Posts -The aspect I like most about using a popular posts plugin is that these real estate marketing tools help to improve bounce rates and interaction. Although there are at least 10 to choose from, there are 3 in particular I have found to work well in descending order: “Clicky Popular Posts Widget,” (need Get Clicky account) “nrelate most popular” and finally “Google Analytics Popular Posts” (need Analytics account). Simply stick this in your sidebar widget and see how it works for you.
  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast – I find this to be one of the best and most comprehensive SEO plugins out there. This includes all the standard features such as post titles and meta descriptions. However, there are also a bunch of other awesome add-ons. Setup up canonical links to establish original content, XML sitemaps, and robots meta configuration to name a few. Plus, keep an eye out for an upcoming addition to this real estate marketing tool, which will provide local SEO functionality!

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    • No problem Sharon. There are so many tools available out there, it’s hard to keep up with them all. These are definitely a handful of my favorites, and I’m glad there’s a couple new ideas in there for you. Hope they help!

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