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The Benefits of Using Video in Your Real Estate Business

The Benefits of Using Video in Your Real Estate Business

4 min read
Sharon Vornholt

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Video is one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips to build your business. So why aren’t you using it?

Today it’s quick and easy to shoot a video. You don’t have to be concerned with buying fancy equipment anymore. You can use your smart phone or a flip camera like mine which is a Kodak Zi8. As much as I love my little flip camera, the smart phones take such good video and are so convenient to use that I find myself leaving my camera behind more and more these days. And most of these devices can be used with a tripod if needed.

Video Builds Authority in Your Niche

I have written several articles here on BiggerPockets about building your authority or “expert status” in your niche. Using video is one of the best ways to shorten that process whether you are a landlord, rehabber, blogger or are in a completely different niche. There are numerous ways to effectively use video.

I have done podcasting and video and there is a place for both of these, but when it comes to certain things like showcasing a property you just can’t beat video. You know what they say; “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

The “Like, Know and Trust” Factor

You have heard it before; “People do business with folks they know, like and trust”. What better way to get to know someone several thousand miles away, than through a face to face conversation via video? It’s much more personal than a telephone call, and it’s just so easy now. Chatting with someone face to face online is a great way to network with other investors on the opposite side of the country.

The program I have been using for a while is called “Oovoo”. I use it to do most of my video interviews. It is free and it is drop dead simple to use. If you are a Skype fan, then check out “VOD Burner” which is also free to record your videos. One thing I like about Oovoo is that the two screens are separated. I think it is easier on the eyes then having two screens right next to each other. It really doesn’t matter which program you choose. The important thing is to get started.

Ideas for Folks “In the Trenches”

If you are rehabber or a contractor there are a lot ways you can use video. If you don’t fancy yourself a blogger, then try video for getting people to your website. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Before and after videos
  • Rehab “progression” videos
  • A video to showcase the property when it is ready to sell; kind of a video sales page

How to Videos for “Newbies”

  • “How to install a … ” you fill in the blank. You could do these for just about any part of the rehab.
  • “How to identify a roof that needs to be replaced
  • Subtle signs that you may have a moisture problem in your basement
  • If you have a site where you list properties, be sure you have a video of each property.

There are endless ideas for effectively using video.


Everyone knows that you can rent a property much faster that has pictures. Did you know folks like video even better than pictures? If you have a property to rent just walk through it and take a quick video. You can point out any special features like a big deck or new kitchen cabinets. This lets potential tenants get a much better idea of what type of property you have. Video will definitely make your property stand out. If you are camera shy, you won’t even have to be in the picture.

Blogs and Websites

Most bloggers know they should be using video even if they haven’t started. Video will really help your site when it comes to Google rankings. But aside from that, what better way than with video to build authority and add that personal touch to your site at the same time?

Here are some other suggestions for using video on your blog or website:

  • Interview other experts in your field. I recently interviewed BiggerPocket’s own “Brandon Turner” for my blog. And he was great by the way!
  • You can interview experts that might be viewed as “support people” in your business. Those might include coaches, social media experts, and other folks that provide direct support to your business. I interviewed Joy Gendusa of PostcardMania a while back. She is an expert in postcard marketing and is the owner of a large company that specializes in postcard marketing. I knew that this interview would be helpful to many real estate investors.
  • Teach what you know to other people. You can do how to videos on just about any aspect of real estate investing.
  • Folks like me can be completely stymied by technology. If you know how to use some piece of technology, teach the rest of us how to do it.

Making Screen Capture Videos

If you are more comfortable with the screen capture type of videos, there are both free and paid versions of software that you can use. Camtasia is kind of the gold standard when it comes to this type of software. It’s really nice, but it’s also expensive. There is also a free version called “Cam Studio” for folks that need a lighter version. Another freebie to look at is a Microsoft product called “Microsoft Expression Encoder 4” which has great reviews online.

Here’s a tip for you: Just go to YouTube and look for videos that will teach you typically in around 5 minutes how to use these products. They will save you a lot of time. However you decide to use video, “Just do it”. Get started now.

I would love to hear how you are using video in your business so please leave me a comment below.
Photo: KayOne73