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Be Careful Who You Take Advice From … Because You Might End Up Just Like Them!

Glenn Schworm
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Be Careful Who You Take Advice From … Because You Might End Up Just Like Them!

Ever been in this kind of situation?

You are in a group and someone who is outspoken starts to spew out their “wisdom”. They really sound intelligent, so you listen and even consider changing your game plan based on their advice. Sound at all familiar? When we are young and new to business we tend to really listen to these types, as many times we mistake a strong loud voice for being correct. As we get …. let’s just call us “seasoned” … we start to look far past the presenter, and listen for some basic facts. We look for the disconnect to their story to see if in fact they are stating fact, opinion, or they just like to hear themselves talk.

Who Are You Listening To?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I like a lot of sayings, and one of them is:

“Your Actions Speak So Loud, I Can’t Hear A Word You’re Saying!”

In other words, lip service means nothing, but your actions mean everything. When I meet someone in business for the first time, I listen to them talk. However, as I make up my mind if they are genuine, I look to see if their actions follow their words. It might take some time, or some well timed questions, but I will figure it out. Anyone can talk the talk, but not everyone can walk the walk.

As you a starting out in Real Estate Investing, or anything else for that matter, and looking for leadership, make sure that the person who is giving you advice has the life that you want. Make sure that the area you are getting advice in, is a road they have journeyed down before you. Think about it, if you are getting advice from a well spoken person, who dresses and looks the part, make sure they truly ARE the part. If you want to be wealthy, take advice from wealthy people. If you want to be broke, take advice from broke people! Simple as that.

Taking Advice

I have been a part of the BiggerPockets network for a few months now and I have truly liked what I have seen. I have had many private conversations with several of the writers, and with the leaders. In my opinion, they are genuine and a joy to work with. Trust your gut, but in the end follow peoples actions. If you do that, you will find yourself making better decisions for your own life and business. Next time someone is spewing out information and you’re just not sure about their credibility, remember this simple phrase:

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From … Because You Might End Up Just Like Them!

The best part of this saying is this: It is also true for the successful people you take advice from. Stay close to them and take their advice, and you too can end up like them!

How does your BS (Bogus Stuff) 🙂 detector work?
How do you quickly determine if the person you are listening to has the success you want to follow?
I usually do it with a few key questions and I closely listen to the answer. Luckily my math mind works very quickly to flush out the truth.

I would love to hear your thoughts…

(Have a great Memorial Day, and please be sure to take a moment from all the festivities to remember what this holiday means, and all of those who have given their lives so that we may enjoy ours in the USA. Go thank a veteran today. Have a great week everyone!)

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