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How Would Some Extra Cash Change Your Real Estate Investing Strategy?

Jimmy Moncrief
1 min read
How Would Some Extra Cash Change Your Real Estate Investing Strategy?

I’m going to be completely honest here on BiggerPockets and I’m asking you to do the same.

More often than not, my really good friends make comments like:

“Jimmy, you are the most unsuspecting guy I know…”

“Jimmy, you’re fun to hang-out with, but you’re a little weird…”  etc….

Occasionally, I’ll just do something really weird just to shake life-up.  Get out of the routine. For a week now, I’ve been thinking about an October challenge. My October challenge is two-fold:

  1. Get some extra cash in my pocket
  2. Get in-shape

This is what I have to do:

My Two October Goals


  • Workout AND
  • Make Extra Money

For working out, this can be as little as working out for 1 minute. I’ll probably just be doing push-ups, running, cycling, kettle-bell swings, etc – but I’m not going to document the working out, mostly because that’s boring.

I will, however, be documenting the extra money goal, and the daily minimum is 1 cent.  I already have a spreadsheet ready!

Do you struggle with sticking with goals?  Jerry Seinfield has a great tip: Have a big calendar and make a BIG RED X everyday you accomplish this goal.  The longer you go, the more incentive you have to accomplish this goal.

Ideas for Making Extra Cash

I need BiggerPockets’ readers to help though in two ways:

1) I want some ideas to make extra cash!

I have already written a blog post about some odd ways to make extra cash, and have some listed below.  Could you help me and give me some extra things I can do for some extra cash in the comments?

2) I want you to join the challenge!  Christmas is just around the corner and even if you don’t have family there are some great causes to give to.  Let me know in the comments section and I’ll keep track of everyone!

Here is my list of extra cash-generating activities:

  • Raking leaves
  • Recycling aluminum cans
  • Selling Books on Amazon
  • Selling Blank Books – my book
  • Sharpening knives
  • Google Analytics Consulting
  • Photography
  • Pressure Washing
  • Haul trash away
  • Affiliate sales
  • Clean Gutters
  • Sell odd stuff around the house

Please let me know what extra stuff I can do to make some extra money!  I need some more ideas!


Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.