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Short Sale Time Machine! How to Pipeline Your Deals for Future Payoff

Anson Young
1 min read
Short Sale Time Machine! How to Pipeline Your Deals for Future Payoff

Can you keep a secret?

Don’t tell anybody, but I actually found a time machine!

It’s not a Delorian like ‘back to the future’ where I can go through time on adventures and of all things… kiss my own grandma (who does that? McFLY!).

It’s not the one from TimeCop either, because I’m pretty sure I’d be the bad guys trying to profit off of stock deals, only to meet Van Damme face to face (or, foot to face…Nice boots Jean Claude). No, it doesn’t do anything fantastic or send me through the space time continuum: my new time machine does one thing, and it does it very well.

Do you ever procrastinate? Sometimes its my middle name. I always say that the “past me” must hate the “future me” to load him up with more work while “past me” just dorks around.

But there are certain times where I’m pretty sure “past me” is a genius. Like when “past me” loads up a good pipeline of short sale deals that will pay off big for “future me.”

You see, “past me” is putting houses in a time capsule for 6-18 months locking in the past price while the market is going up, so when the deal is finally accepted, it’s like I traveled back in time to buy that house. The savings can be huge! When I go to flip this house now, my ARV is 5-10% higher.

This is why I’m convinced we can all get along!

But, you must be saying “holy cow that was confusing”, but also “what if the market goes down while time traveling?”

The market can go up or down while we are playing short sale time machine, but we will still be OK. After all, I don’t have to buy the home if it eventually gets accepted.

“Past me” knows what he’s doing!

(To Be Continued Next Week)

Hang on for Part II that’s coming next week… unless you can hop into your own time machine and start reading right now!

Photo Credit: clarksworth

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