Are You Losing “Hope” in Real Estate?

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When starting your real estate investing career, getting into the right mindset is a vital first step. A lot of new investors fail to do this and I’ve seen it hinder progress on more than a handful of situations. It’s a matter of transitioning from “hoping” to actively “doing”. There is no room for hope in real estate. Let me show you what I mean.

I see it everyday in the “Starting Out” Forum on BiggerPockets. A new investor will introduce themselves and their post may have variations of the following:

  • One day I want to try marketing to…
  • I would like to be a wholesaler…
  • I hope to become a successful flipper…

Notice a theme? All these new investors are hoping, dreaming, praying that real estate success finds them. They are passively entering the world of real estate whether they realize it or not. Look – it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, we’ve all been there. The important part is to stop day dreaming about success and instead spend your time actively creating it.

Motivate yourself and become accountable for your actions by changing just a few words in your vocabulary.

  • This week I am marketing to…
  • I am a wholesaler actively looking for my first deal…
  • By this time next year I will be a successful flipper…

Notice the difference? The above phrases take hope and dreams out of the equation. Accountability is created and by saying the above you create internal motivation to accomplish the tasks. You become active in your real estate journey. By doing so you create the right mindset needed to succeed in this field.

Maybe more importantly, you let others know that you’re serious and that you are taking steps to achieving success. I don’t know about you but I don’t work with hopers and dreamers. I only spend time with “doers.”

So what do you think? Are you ready to commit to your success? Stop hoping for it, create it!

About Author

Glenn is the founder of Fresh Start Homes, a real estate investment company in Hampton Roads, Va. that focuses on eco-friendly rentals and rehabs. He also owns and operates BundleBaths, an online bathroom supply store catering to real estate investors.


  1. Jeff Brown

    Hey Glenn — Some things I learned early on about the subconscious. First, it takes everything literally. Second, it deals only in present tense. “Going to be, Wannabe, Will be” doesn’t work. Lastly, it believes everything its told. It doesn’t distinguish between truth and fiction, it can’t. Therefore, saying “I will be a successful flipper” is ineffective. “I am a successful flipper” is accepted as fact.

    Once one learns their subconscious accepts everything we tell it as God’s truth, amazing things can begin happening.

  2. Hey Glen

    Great topic and I completely agree with you. I also like Jeff’s comments and find them to be true.

    I feel like I have been side tracked by others lately and this article has made me realise that. I am a newbie – My plan is to buy one single family a year for the next ten years – Buy at 10% to 20% under market value – Hold and rent. … Lately a family mamber wanted to “Join” me in this and since then everything has been complicated – I am now re-focused on my plan and will move forward with the “Action” mindset.



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