It’s Here! The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing

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Thousands of people come to BiggerPockets every day asking one very foundational question, “How do I get started investing in real estate?”

For those who have been on BiggerPockets for a while, you know there is a vast amount of information here, with thousands of blog articles and nearly half a million forum posts. All this information is helpful and usable – but can leave new investors feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume. Up until this point, the answer to the above question has been to search the site (still a great idea!) for specific answers. However, things are about to change…

After many months of work, we’re finally excited to present to you the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing! This online guide will help new investors get a firm foundation to build their investing business upon. With topics ranging from how to gain a solid real estate education, real estate niches, financing, marketing, and more, this guide is truly the definitive guide for helping new investors learn the ropes.

This guide doesn’t come with a $97 per month fee or a profit-sharing requirement. There is no membership required, no sales pitch, no celebrity guru paid endorsements. This guide is absolutely, 100% free for you. There is no upsell to the “real meat” but simply valuable, actionable help for beginners. To check out the guide, click the button below:

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The 20 Best Books for Aspiring Real Estate Investors!

Here at BiggerPockets, we believe that self-education is one of the most critical parts of long-term success, in business and in life, of course. This list, compiled by the real estate experts at BiggerPockets, contains 20 of the best books to help you jumpstart your real estate career.

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How Can You Help?

This guide has the potential to change lives.

If you appreciate the value that BiggerPockets brings to the investment community, please help us out by sharing this guide to your friends and family, on social media, and anywhere else you think it might help. Simply click the link above to go to the guide and click some of the “Share Buttons” located at the top right (see picture below.)

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Joshua Dorkin

Joshua Dorkin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, educator, and co-author of How to Invest in Real Estate. He started BiggerPockets to help democratize the real estate investing landscape for himself and others, aiming to make it accessible for everyone, regardless of income or education. Today, BiggerPockets is the premier real estate investing website online with over one million members and reaching over 70 million people with the message of financial freedom through real estate investing. Joshua, along with his wife and three daughters, make their home in Denver, Colorado, and spend any time they can traveling, exploring, and adventuring. Read more about Joshua’s story in 5280 and


  1. Melodee Lucido on

    Joshua & BP Team,

    This is over the top!! You continually improve Bigger Pockets to far exceed any real estate forum in history. This is super exciting and will change the lives of those that are serious about taking control of their financial & lifestyle world.

    Thank you so much for your vision and diligence on all our behalf.

    • Thanks Melodee! I appreciate your words and hope the guide has the impact that you believe it does. That’s why we worked so hard to put it together. Please share it with everyone you know so we can help educate all the new investors out there.

  2. There must be some type of mind reading going on because this is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I’ve joined the site this year. This site has so much info I have a million tabs open.I really appreciate this!

  3. To Joshua and the rest of the BP team, you guys rock!! You folks bring such great value to this site, thank you so much for this awesome material, this will surely help in my coming endeavors!

  4. Great information here, I am interested in reading this and hope to learn some great information about investing. I believe it is never too late to learn different avenues and improve yourself and strategy for how you invest. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. Josh,

    Outstanding. This is one of the many reasons BP is far and away better than any other RE information site on the web.

    I look forward to reading the guide. I’m sure there will be some great nuggets of wisdom in there. I consider myself only 2 steps above rookie as it is and I still get asked this question quite frequently. It will be nice to give them a free resource to help build their internal fire.


  6. Superior! I haven’t made it all through yet, but I certainly will! I just wanted to say the best piece of advise to all the beginners by far! I find this very good because it has answered many of my questions. The aspekt that I love the most- this article is about real life. It’s not about foolish dreams of building extreme wealth with no commitment. This guide has grown a bit of fear in me. Not sort of terror, but I am feeling a little fear (which I didn’t have before) and stress, which is good. It means that I am starting to understand the hard work and the responsibilities of a real estate investor.

    Many thanks!

    • Siim –
      The gurus will tell you that it is easy — we want to give a realistic look at the life of an investor. The fear is good . . . it will help you be methodical. Just get that plan together using the lessons from the guide and I’m sure the fear will subside. There’s no better way to lose the fear than being prepared.

  7. Seriously, the 2% rule? “2% rule states that your monthly rent should be approximately 2% of the purchase price.” I’d really like to know where in the world you would find such properties. I have been investing for about 10 years now on the side, 1% rule is what I use and these days even that is really hard to come by.

    With that said, i’m very glad to find this community with like minded people and looking forward to spending more time here.

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