4 Things The Kardashians Teach Us About Real Estate Investing

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I’m ashamed to admit it but my wife has me hooked on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  For those who are lucky enough to not know who the Kardashian’s are, they are a family of socialite reality TV stars whose lives are chronicled nightly on the E! Network.   In addition to their reality TV success, the Kardashian’s have branched out to business ventures that include diet pills, women’s perfume and even branded their own women’s clothing line that they sell at the Kardashian boutique appropriately named Dash.  Keeping up with the Kardashians may seem like a total waste of time but I can assure you that buried somewhere in each episode is a business lesson that is relevant to the real estate investor.  Here are a few pointers to help with your real estate investing compliments of Kim and rest of the Kardashian family.

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Use Social Media To Promote Your Product And Connect With The Consumer

Social media is now, and will increasingly become, one of the most important ways for business people to connect directly with the consumer.  Often on “The Kardashians” the girls are using Twitter and Facebook to communicate with their clients and fans and millions of people, including my assistant, await periodic updates every day. The Kardashians have successfully used social media to control how their brand is perceived by the consumer and also the frequency and type of message the consumer gets. 

This translates seamlessly into the real estate investing world.  We all know how people buying real estate love pictures and stories (see HGTV) and the flipper or developer could use this to his or her advantage.  One use of social media for real estate investors might be be to engage the consumer at the beginning of renovation project using daily updates with pictures on the progress of a flip or construction project.  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and virtually every other social platform could be utilized in this regard and the end result will be that the real estate investor has more and better quality contact with the real estate consumer.

Don’t Be Overly Picky

David Shafer recently wrote an instantly classic post about the dreaded paralysis by analysis. Often would be investors yearn to begin their investing careers but keep finding obstacles or impediments in highly improbable events.  In this regard Kim Kardashian can be thought of as an example to real estate investors everywhere.  On the show Kim is portrayed as someone who is not very picky about who she dates…or marries and she doesn’t let a little thing like being married (in her defense separated) interfere with her getting pregnant with her new boyfriend Kanye West.  Sometimes investing in real estate requires you to take the plunge.  Obviously you don’t want to jump in blindly so a certain amount of preliminary analysis is prudent but you have to know where to draw the line.

Make Your Partnerships Count

Both professionally and personally the Kardashians have forged meaningful partnerships with people and companies who make their brand better and more popular.  Professionally they have partnered with household names like Sears and Skechers and this has given them more legitimacy and broader reach.  Personally, they seem to date and marry professional athletes, celebrities, and other Hollywood and music industry insiders who can help further their careers.  Now I’m not advocating dating the best plumber in town or marrying the best roofer but having a contractor list full of reliable, reputable, well known partners can only help legitimize your real estate investing business.   Remember, you’re only as good as the people you rely on.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Business And Pleasure

The old adage I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times cautions you to never mix business with pleasure. The Kardashians indiscriminately mix business and pleasure yet they benefit because it seems to allow them to “work” all the time. I too have found in my own life in real estate that the lines between work and play blur and ultimately I’m doing something related to my real estate business every time I step out my front door. The good news is that work doesn’t quite feel like work when you are able to mesh your personal life with your business so don’t be afraid to mix business and pleasure.

Now that you’ve seen my list of real estate investing tips courtesy of Kim and the entire Kardashian family, let me know if you watch the show and if you’ve picked up any real estate tips I’ve missed!

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  1. Frank,
    Great way to integrate the Kardashians with RE investing. I read a story before about Kim and what she did before becoming famous and I was impressed with her earlier businesses.

    We’ll have to meet one day, I grew up in Philly and visit about once year or so.


  2. Never thought that the Kardashians would teach us anything about real estate investing. Your title definitely will grab some attention! I completely agree with the “don’t be overly picky”… Sometimes you have to just take the plunge or you may miss the boat.

  3. Ali Boone

    I LOVE the Kardashians!! Everybody who knows me knows this about me. I watch every episode. My mother, on a regular basis, says to me “Umm…sooo…you have a degree in aerospace engineering, you are a pilot, you have a Master’s degree, you…(and goes on and on trying to convince me I’m smart). Why in the world do you watch this show?!”. People rag on me all the time for my confessed loved for the Kardashians, and my response every time is that I think they are surprisingly savvy and impressive business people. Yes maybe they were gifted with good looks and money, but they work it correctly. Then I follow-up by asking what is actually wrong with any of them, and no one can ever answer me.

    One really impressive note about them as pointed out by a colleague of mine is, look at how long they have stayed in the spotlight. Most celebs peeter out, but these keep going. That, from a business perspective, is mighty impressive.

    Sorry for the rant, got excited I got a reason to come out of the Kardashian closet on BP! Thanks for the article 🙂

    • That’s hilarious Ali. BTW – I think it’s good you came out. Everyone is entitled to just “be who they are”.

      And yes that was a great comparison Frank. Whatever you think about the Kardashians personally, no one can deny that they are brilliant when it comes to business. How many people do you know that can make a buck just by being themselves?

      Great post.

  4. I’m impressed that you were able to find so many nuggets of business wisdom from the Kardashians! Mixing business and your personal life is a tricky line to walk. I agree that it makes the work more enjoyable, but it can also take away from “fun time.” It certainly helps the business when the two are intertwined because it means you can work more and also build better business relationships that are genuine.

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