8 Quick Tips for Naming your Website

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We’re all bombarded with domain names and one of the first questions new investors ask is how to name their website. Websites are an absolute must as they add to your credibility and market for you 24/7, so here are some quick and easy naming tips:

  1. It’s best if you can use the same name as your company.

    Redundancy helps with marketing. Also, once someone knows your company name, they’ll typically go online to check you out. Having your website with all your personal marketing pop up is what you want to happen when they do.

  2. Make sure it’s easy to spell.

    Misspelling by customers means they don’t find you and figure you’re not legit.
    I write books. Publishers say books should be written to be understood by fourth graders. Makes me want to smack everyone, but I guess that’s where most of middle America reads – which means that’s where they also stopped learning to spell.

  3. Make sure it’s easy to read.

    Foreign words can be amazing but, if people don’t know what you’re saying, they won’t remember what you said!

  4. Make the words short and easy to understand.

    Driving down the highway, haven’t you seen some crazy websites on billboards? You will NEVER remember them! That’s why We Buy Houses and We Buy Ugly Houses became such huge successes and expensive names to own! Says it all in short words – easy to remember – easy to understand – easy to spell.

  5. Don’t use numbers in your name.

    Customers will be confused about whether to put in the number (4) or spell it out (four). Believe me, after 100 people ask you which way to type it, you’ll wish you hadn’t used a number. And, refer back to “Misspelling by customers means they don’t find you and figure you’re not legit.”

  6. Best if it has something to do with real estate.

    Tell customers what you do in your name. Starbucks, Apple, and Exxon didn’t worry about that, but we’re probably not going to be that large nor have nearly their marketing budget. When I get through explaining all the services we offer, customers often come back with, “Wow, All Property Solutions really is what you offer!” Yup.

  7. Careful with the plural.

    You’ll get asked a lot “is that with an ‘s’?” Again, repeating will drive you crazy over the years and any confusion increases the opportunity for mistakes on your customer’s part, or buying multiple domain names on your part.

  8. Use a local name

    …where possible. Chances are local is where you’ll continue to do business, so brand yourself as the local expert. Our area is made up of three small cities known as “the Triad”, so we use Triad in several of our company names. When we started out, our national coaches told us to get an 800 phone number. We did. It flopped. People didn’t like the idea of working with a national company that didn’t know or care about the community. We changed to a local number and our calls skyrocketed which, for us, proved that most people want to do business with a company they can reach out and touch.

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As you can see, most of this boils down to one of the classics, “Keep it Simple Sweetie” (or something like that).

Websites are a must. Easy to spell, easy to remember names are the best.

If you have  a doubt about the name you’re considering, ask here for some BiggerPockets insight and feedback!

How did you pick your name?

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karen rittenhouse

Karen Rittenhouse has been investing in real estate full time since January 2005. In that time, she has purchased hundreds of single family properties, opened a full-service real estate company, a property management company, a coaching/training business, and written three books on real estate.


  1. Tracy Royce

    Hi Karen great post. It’s incredible how much thought goes into something so simple, and what we think it more efficient, better, or catchy ends falling flat, as you highlighted in the 800 vs local number.

    I picked my name based on my last name, Royce. I had a gal I used to work for randomly suggest “You could do something like “Royce of Real Estate” and it just kinda stuck. I reserved the web domain and years later actually did anything with it. Although it doesn’t incorporate my locale or WHAT I specialize in, the brand association is my best bet for being memorable, with real estate domination to follow 😉

  2. “Don’t use numbers in your name.” Ooops, my friend’s business violates this rule already.

    On the other hand, I noticed many people using their own names to name their business, I believe that is another good way to name the business.

  3. I picked my name because of where I was (Honolulu) and what I was (Aunty). To call someone Aunty in Hawaii usually means that you are older, so it is respectful. It also implies that you are endearing – like a family member. I also took the other way to spell Aunty – Auntie.

    The name, however, doesn’t really give a clue as to what I do. Oops. This website was first begun in order to share real estate investing lessons that I have learned along the way, but it kept evolving and expanding to almost everything under the sun. Not good, also a bear to navigate in – but I just had a recent revamping – though still working on the design and transition.

    Mahalo for the article,


    • Mahalo to you , Aunty!

      If you told me the name of your website, I would ask, “Aunty or Auntie?” Best for you to buy both web domains just for that reason.

      And, yes, the best way to capture followers for your website is to have a theme they understand and can follow. If, however, you’re not trying to attract followers but just use it as your personal journal or “brain dump”, then post anything you want there!

      Thanks, so much, for taking the time to comment all the way from our far west state! Mahalo!

      • Mahalo for the response Karen!

        “Brain Dump” ….. that is exactly what it is! I can say that when people ask me what my website is about. Not sure if they want the dumping, but it’s mine so long as I pay the hosting and domain name and they can come and visit if they want, or not.

        With aloha,


  4. Does putting your city name in the domain make your address bulky? I hate domains that are five words long and can’t fit on a business card. But I’ve never had a local domain like that.

    • David:
      Adding the city to your domain certainly can get bulky. webuyhousescincinnati (did I spell that correctly?) is a bit crazy and would, no doubt, lead to misspellings. If you have a short city, webuyhousestampa, easy to spell and remember, I’d use that. Our area is the Triad so, for one of our rental sites, we use TriadRents – short, easy, local.

      Thanks for your question!

  5. Karen
    great article
    I am changing my company name back to my own name
    Vida Ash Real Estate group.
    do you think its long?
    but I always had my website just under my own name?

    what do you think? short or long version?

    • Hi Vida:
      Short is always better for the person typing it in!

      If possible, buy both domain names (they’re very inexpensive) and have them both point to the same website so, no matter which name your customer types in, they get to the same place.

      To your success!!

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