20 Things Only BiggerPockets Forum Users Will Understand

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1. How it feels to earn the “Popular Poster” Award on the BiggerPockets forum.

successSource: ebaumsworld.com

 2. When a real estate guru Googles their own name and finds a negative review on the BiggerPockets forum.

guruSource: ebaumsworld.com

3. When I’m trying to visit the BiggerPockets forum and the site is temporarily down.

203SRRFSource: i.imgur.com

4. How it feels to have one of your forum posts “voted up” by another member.

voted up
Source: ebaumsworld.com

5. My reaction when I see an advertisement asking, “Is Real Estate Investing Dead?”

lol_anchorman Source: ReactionGIFs.us

6. When I see the BP moderators lay the “smack down” by deleting someone’s self-promotional post.

Source: ebaumsworld.com

7. When one of my posts get edited or deleted by the BP moderators.

Source: ebaumsworld.com

8. How it feels to browse through the BiggerPockets Marketplace without a Pro account.

Source: forgifs.com

9. How it feels to join the “1000 Posts Club”.

Source: ebaumsworld.com

10. My wife’s reaction when I spend all day on the BiggerPockets forum.

wife's reactionSource: ebaumsworld.com

11. When I get reprimanded in public for spending too much time on the BiggerPockets App.

when my wife yells at me in a public place
Source: ebaumsworld.com

12. When two or more people start a nasty argument under one of my threads on the BiggerPockets forum.

Source: movieclips.com

13. My reaction when I see a person dishing out advice on a subject they’re clearly clueless about.

ViyEVCLSource: i.imgur.com

14. How it feels to get into a heated debate with someone who evidently knows more than you do.

debateSource: ebaumsworld.com

15. When I write a detailed response to someone’s question, and then someone else has the nerve to publicly disagree with me.

Source: ReactionGIFs.us

16. When I see a newbie on the BP forum, talking about paying $10,000 for a “mentor” to help them get started.

newbieSource: ebaumsworld.com

17. When I see a new BP podcast episode available on iTunes.

glorySource: reddit.com

18. When I spend all night listening to episodes of the BiggerPockets Podcast, and I look out the window and see the sun starting to rise.

sunriseSource: ebaumsworld.com

19. How the BiggerPockets forum has trained most us to respond to any kind of sales page for a real estate course.

shaking_head_breaking_badSource: ReactionGIFs.us

20. When I submit a question on BiggerPockets and Joshua Dorkin personally responds to my email.

photoSource: ebaumsworld.com

Photo: nosha

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  1. I am sorry guys but that post will only make someone who is truly twisted laugh. Oh man it is truly funny. It’s kind of like being told your volkswagen fell off a cliff a mile high, but there is a good side… it got 100 miles per gallon on fuel mileage on the way down. Number 13 particularly strikes a cord.

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