Why I Am Thankful For Real Estate Investing

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a good time to sit back and reflect a bit on what you have to be thankful for.  Hopefully, your list is a long one and includes real estate investing.

I have been investing in real estate for over 10 years now, so I thought I would take this time to reflect on what real estate has done for me that I am most thankful for.  Yeah sure, there is the money, but I am thinking on a bit deeper level.

So here are five things real estate has made me thankful for.

Real estate investing got me out of the rat race

No I am not sitting on a beach in Panama (yet) running my business over the internet.  But I was able to quit the 9 to 5 job.  No more commutes, no more bosses, no more stuff like this.  I now have more time for things I like to do, such as running, spending time with my wife and of course investing in real estate. 🙂

Real estate investing taught me many new skills

I can install a kitchen sink and fix minor plumbing.  I can hang a door and do minor carpentry.  Sure I hire many of these things out now, but it is nice to have these skills.  Having these skills has provided me with a confidence (especially when deal with contractors) I did not have before.

Real estate investing has introduced me to many, many new friends and colleagues

From bankers and lawyers to wholesalers and contractors and even other investors, I have met and worked with a lot of great people that I otherwise would have likely never met, and if I had, would only have been in passing.

Real estate investing has broadened my scope of knowledge

Throughout my real estate career I have invested in and read many books and courses which opened my brain to ideas I had never thought of before.   My interaction with the folks listed above has taught me about accounting and taxes, law, markets and banking, housing and construction and a host of other things.  These are things I would have never had the time or inclination to learn in my 9 to 5 job.

Finally, I am thankful to real estate investing because it has, I believe, made me a better person

My perspective and life has been greatly broadened because of the four items listed above.  Real estate investing forces me to get outside of my comfort zone and try things I would never have thought of trying before such as marketing, blogging and writing and just plain talking to people to see if I can help them out or work a deal.

Looking back over these five items, I guess I can say that I am just thankful I got into this business.  Sure it has its ups and downs, but overall life is just better and for that I am truly thankful.

So what has real estate investing made you thankful for?  Please share your thoughts and stories.   Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!
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Kevin Perk

Kevin Perk is co-founder of Kevron Properties, LLC with his wife Terron and has been involved in real estate investing for 10 years. Kevin invests in and manages rental properties in Memphis, TN and is a past president and vice-president of the local REIA group, the Memphis Investors Group.


  1. Good post! I am thankful to have a wife who supports my crazy addiction to Real Estate even when everyone else said it couldn’t be done. I’m also thankful for the informational and moral support of the Bigger Pockets community. Thank you all for understanding and sharing in the craziness of what we do!

    • Kevin Perk


      Having your spouse along for the ride makes things much easier. I am thankful for that as well.

      Plus, it is nice to be able to vent our frustrations here and get a sympathetic ear.

      Thanks for reading and the kind words,


  2. Very often, the focus of RE investment is cash flow, appreciation, resale analysis etc etc… Seldom do we put a value on the numerous other benefits that make RE investing rewarding such as amazing relationships, new skills… This is a good reminder and a refreshing summary.

  3. Great post Kevin! As a fairly new investor working toward leaving my “job”, I’m excited to read your reflection after years of making it happen. Good stuff, thanks so much for sharing.

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