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Should a Landlord Ever Do Their Own Maintenance? [Poll]

Brandon Turner
1 min read
My friend Ben Leybovich likes to give me a hard time because I still tend to do some manual labor with my rental properties.
In the past six months, I’ve climbed on several roofs, patched a leak in siding, vacuumed out 3 inches of water from a basement apartment, and even worked on a toilet or two.  Honestly, I try not to, but every once in while, I do it either to save some money or to save a bit of hassle trying to find someone competent to do it.
So today I just wanted to pose a question to our readers:
Should a landlord ever do their own maintenance work? Or should they stay out of it and work ON their business? Or is there a happy medium? 
Let me know what YOU think by taking the poll below and let’s see what the BiggerPockets community thinks…
(Then, feel free to share your opinions below in the comments!)
Should Landlords Do Their Own Work? in BiggerPockets.com’s Hangs on LockerDome

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