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My 100th Article: The Lesson’s I’ve Learned from Blogging for BiggerPockets.com

Kevin Perk
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My 100th Article: The Lesson’s I’ve Learned from Blogging for BiggerPockets.com

If you had told me when I started writing for BiggerPockets.com that I would make it to 100 articles I do not think I would have believed you.

I never would have thought that I knew enough to write 100 articles on a major real estate investing web site.

But here I am!

I was actually pretty scared when I accepted Josh’s offer to write here. How the heck would I come up with something new every week? Somehow though, I was able to pull them all together.

Looking back, I realize that writing for and being a part of BiggerPockets.com has been a great experience. I did not fully expect that. I guess I thought it was just going to be work.   But being a part of this community has helped me think in new directions and grow as an investor.

How so?

By learning or reinforcing that…

You Have To Try

If I had let my fear rule the day I never would have gotten started here.

Fear can be a hard thing to get over. We have fear to make us think about what we are doing. So, fear does serve a purpose. But it also holds many back. Learn when and how to get past your fear and try. Because if you never try, how will you know? How will you succeed?

I Don’t Always Know What’s Best And Should Seek Advice From Someone Who Does

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There are so many, many experienced writers and posters on this site.

Seeing them here and reading about their experiences has encouraged me to seek out others who can help me be successful. You should too. Reach out!   Many (including myself) are only a few key strokes away.

I Can’t Do It All Myself

Yea, I already sort of knew that, but being a part of BiggerPockets has helped reinforce it.

I am the type of guy that wants to do it all himself, that thinks he has all the answers. But reading the posts of others on the blog and on the forums has helped me value the fact that you need others to help you be successful.

Always Take The High Road

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No matter what, always be nice. No matter what anyone says or does, be nice.

There is no value in being mean, being a bully, being a troll or trying to “one up” everyone else. You do not “win” by posting a snarky comment or badgering a seller. You just come off as a jerk that no one wants to do business with.

Finally, Be More Open

Be more open to sharing information and to understanding the value in doing so.

This one is kind of hard for me. I have always been one to hold my cards close. But seeing how open many are here is helping me overcome that. I have since made some awesome business connections by being more open. You can too.

I hope my posts have been helpful and that perhaps you learned a thing or two. I have actually enjoyed writing them, well, most of them :). And I have also enjoyed interacting with everyone.

There have been some great discussions in the comments section of some of my posts. I hope that continues because sometimes it is in the comments where the best learning happens.

Let me close by thanking Josh for providing the site and giving me the opportunity. And thanks to Brandon and the rest of the staff for their editing prowess. Let the learning continue!

So how has BiggerPockets helped you?

Any topics you would like to see more of in the future?

Please share with your comments below!

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