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The Most Helpful BiggerPockets Blogs of all Time!

Ali Boone
2 min read

Welcome to the list of the most helpful BiggerPockets blogs of all time. And you are about to help create it!

I think we’ve all established that BiggerPockets has helped thousands of investors, up-and-coming investors, and even seasoned investors do their jobs just that much easier. It has helped with networking, given us the ability to ask questions to the community, and provided resources like the blogs and the podcasts to help give us new daily information that might help us along our paths.

In thinking just of BiggerPockets’ blogs, what if there was one that listed out some of the most helpful blogs throughout BiggerPockets history? Well, here it is! When I thought of doing this article, I was thinking I could provide a long list of some of the blogs I found most helpful. But the truth is, I only operate in a small niche in REI so what articles have been most helpful for me may not be for those in other niches, and vice versa, there are a lot of blogs that have likely helped those in other niches that didn’t do too much for me. So instead, we are going to compile this list together.

What BiggerPockets Blog (or blogs) have helped you tremendously with your investing? Share the link of the blog as well as a quick (or not so quick) blurb on how or why it helped you. Most especially if you have a particular investing success that you can directly attribute to the blog you are mentioning, tell us what it is.

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  • If you can’t remember exactly what blog it was or are not sure where to find it, you can try a couple things:
  1. Google key terms from the blog that you remember combined with “BiggerPockets” and a lot of blogs should pop up in the search results. Maybe you can find it there.
  2. If you remember the author of the blog, you can do the same search as above but add in that author’s name as well to narrow down the results.
  3. If you remember the author of the blog, you can go to that author’s page of posts if you look down on the right side of the blog pages on the website and follow their link.
  • Think of different things you may have read about that may have helped you to help remember some of the articles you enjoyed. Think of key terms: flipping, wholesaling, rental properties, notes, landlording, property managers, calculating returns, LLCs, entity structuring, success stories, horror stories, markets, agents, who to trust, financing, creative financing, capital, beginner’s advice, taxes, going green, marketing, partnerships, types of investing, cash flow, appreciation, speculation, retirement planning, passive investing, active investing, tenants, hard money, syndication, probate, team building, rehabbing, sellers, legal services, bandit signs….

Okay, GO! Give us your favorite articles. And be sure to check out those from others as they may mention ones you missed or didn’t see.

Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.